Who Controls Law and Order in Kerala?

Reading the newspapers of Dec 9 Saturday, a doubt crept into my mind, Who controls law and order in Kerala, police or politicians at power?

I now believe law and order is controlled solely by people at power, in a way they like it.

Read the stories of a raid conducted at a recording studio in Cochin by anti-piracy wing, which was promptly interfered by home department. Inspector General of Police (Anti Piracy Cell) Rishi Raj Singh was asked to immediately stop the raid, which when he refused was presented with an order stating he was removed from the IG post and all his positions as high ranked IPS officer taken off of from him.

Read it in another way, if you are a policeman, looking to do your duty as is described in the law books and police rules, you may be suspended from your post any moment, even when you are in the midst of doing your duty. Increadible, nah?

P.S. the abovesaid studio is owned and operated by the wife of another IG of Police, Tomin Thachankari. But thanks to Chief Minister of Kerala, VS Achuthanandan who ordered to re-instate IG back at his position, which helped continue the raid after a two and a half hours.

{About some insider party politics: VS Achuthanandan was censured by state committee of Communist party not to put his nose un-necessarily into the matters of home-department}

Now, it is clear that police can't make their moves to catch thieves and pirates.

Other (not so nice) stories from within Thiruvananthapuram City.

An RSS activist, Krishna Kumar bombed and hacked to death in day light while he was travelling with his friend at Kodunganoor near Vattiyoorkavu - Dec-1.

V Babu, the driver at Rajasthan Jewellery at Chirayinkeezhu killed on road by a gang of six.

Sasikumar of Kuttiyani near Vattappara hacked to death on Nov 29.

A gang of seven attacks Samod (19) at Panavila Jn, near Bakery Jn in the City - Dec-1.

Sadasivan from Anad stabbed at Murinjapalam in the city - Dec-3.

Abhilash from Thirumala man-handled at his house - Dec-3.

Gang attack at Sagara Plus Hotel DPI Jn - Dec-3.

Most interesting item is yet to come, read carefully.

A group of CPI(M) and DYFI activists show their superiority over police by attacking Police Station at Venjaramoodu.

I pity police; what will they do if lay people like me start attacking them? Policemen had to think twice before taking action against the culprits of any of the above incidents, because they don't know when they get a fax from higher office asking them to leave their position at the moment.

Don't you now think Kerala really is God's own country. Yeah, I too thought so, but now I know it may still be God's own country, but Devil has succeeded in filling the land with his own agents.

Hey, fellow readers from Kerala, what do you think about the raid, the aftermath and the frequent gang attacks? Leave a comment below.

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