Positive Expectations create Positive People

This post is about the importance of positive expectations from children by parents, teachers and elders. When others expect positive qualities from a child, it is almost sure the child will produce expected results.

Children are easily labeled as brilliant, smart, naughty and with hundred other labels. Children get this labels primarily from their parents and other senior members of family, then from teachers and finally from peers.

What does this do to the child? Think about it. There is subconscious psychology at play. When a child is expected to behave in a certain manner, he or she is automatically programmed to respond in that certain way.

He or she thinks is the normal way for him to respond.

The best thing parents, elder members and teachers do to their children is therefore put positive expectations from your children. No put downs.

I have heard many teachers saying to children "You are always like that" whenever they find any fault.

The better way would be "I believe you are well behaved children knowledgeable about right and wrong. What happened in this specific incident?". This put children to think what has happened that lead to a wrong action by them.

'You're always like that' is the subconscious license for the children to continue what they do.

You are brilliant at Math, you learn language quickly etc are positive vibes teachers and parents should always feed the children.

Heard the story of Thomas Alwa Edison going to school? Edison, the great inventor of all times had little formal education.

One day little Tom returned from school with a note from his teacher, which stated that Tom was an idiot.

To which his mother replied. He is no idiot. He is brilliant. I will teach him. I don't know the name of the teacher, but that little Tom has given many gifts to almost all of mankind.

Putting positive expectations on children by parents has strong positive influence on your children. Same is true for negative expectation, but understand whenever you say negative things about your child it has destructive force on him/her.

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