Energetic Communication

This post is about a skill I want to develop myself. I am very poor when it comes to friends department, only a few of them. All of them have been my friends for quite a long time. I really feel down when it comes to the fact that I have very little friends. On the other hand I have little time to maintain the relationships too.

Sometimes, usually in Sunday afternoons, I log in to yahoo messenger to chat to total strangers. Though not very good at it, I occasionally have great conversations (mostly with girls). Most times it ends as a bubble burst.

Back to the title and intended post – energetic communication or energy filled interaction is what makes people refreshed and keeps them stay with you. I have seen the quality of high energy conversation and interaction in some persons. Needless to say, they always are busy entertaining their friends.

The friends as it is called in most cases will be the people they have just met. When you look at their convo, you think they have been friends for years. These high energy people are reservoirs of energy that they pass on to the people around them. I always like to be in the company of such people. Will I be able to behave in similar manner? Sometimes I think so, but in most cases negative thoughts cross me.

Even then I have some words of solace that I say to myself – if you are an introvert and shy person you too can try that.

Everyone is unique. My method of conversation is quiet and fulfilling. I talk slow, but talk only meaningful things. The long-term friendships I maintain prove that I am good friend of friends.

Though I can say these words to myself, I sometimes (or mostly) feel jealous to them who always surround themselves with an army of friends.

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