Karma, Not Janma Decides Destiny

While listening to Christmas Eve message at our church, I got the story of birth of Jesus in a totally different manner. The lowly birth of Jesus is something to watch for. Since getting no space inside a decent inn or house, Joseph had to find a little space in a cowshed, where born Jesus.

Perhaps this is the lowliest birth anyone can get. Irrespective of his lowly birth he went on to transform the whole world and giving a message of hope to everyone.

Notwithstanding his lowly birth he is worshipped all around the world today.

It is not anyone’s Janma (means) birth that determines his destiny. It is his Karma (roughly translated to actions) that determines his or her destiny.

You may be experiencing lack of success in your life. But there is no point in blaming your birth, family, society or conditions.

Most of us had a royal treatment as children. We were born in the most hygienic conditions of a hospital. We were wrapped in sterile white clothes. Our parents held us on a high spirit and we never thought about any difficulties for quite a long time.

When that support is removed, we felt it unfair. Understand it is not. We are all capable of making our own lives and reaching whatever destiny we choose in life. No not everyone can be the richest man on earth. Not everyone can become the president of America.

Everyone can, however design his destiny. To lead a successful life is not a life of conformity. You really don’t have to conform to any norms or restrictions. You really have the potential to break the cocoons of restrictions and go for your full potential.

There are many cocoons that prevent us from exploring the wonders of the world. The main among them are our own attitudes. Whenever we think we are incapable of doing something, we are pulling ourselves into a cocoon. Whenever we feel we don’t deserve something, we are pulling ourselves into a cocoon. Whenever we say to ourselves we shall not do this or that, we are pulling ourselves into a cocoon.

Correctly understand the facts. There is nothing on this earth that prevents you from attaining true glory of life. Make the determination what you can and should do. Make the picture of your destiny clearer and clearer in your mind. Then you will be able to describe that picture in words. Till you can describe your dreams in words, you don’t have a clear idea about where to reach in life.

Once you have a clear idea of where to reach in life, the path to that point will be clearly visible before you. All you will have to do then is to take the opportunities that come your way.

Now you know it is not Janma, but Karma that determines your destiny. Before attempting the Karma, you need to identify the destination. You can design your karma accordingly.

The single point here is, do you have a clear picture about your destiny? Try if you can clearly depict that picture in words.

I will also be writing about the moral and practicability of goal setting in the coming days. Till then, take your time to clarify your destiny. Best wishes to you with your life.

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