You are Special and Important

Read the headline once again, I really mean you are special and important. No one in this world is created insignificant. There are times when you are put down by others. But you must understand that you are special and important.

You will not get the special and important treatment from all the walks of your life. This doesn't tell you are lesser important person, or you are less special.

You should not imagine that you are special and important. You should not think you are special and important. Instead you must understand you are special and important. You must know you are special and important.

There is a sea of difference between imagining or thinking and really knowing.

With imagination, you think it is only imagination. With thinking you think it is only your thoughts. But the correct knowledge that you are important will prepare to see the life in a whole new light.

To whom are you important to. Atheists excuse me. You are an important creation of GOD. You are special to the almighty.

The second person whom you are important to. That person is yourself. If you don't feel important and special to yourself, there is no point in thinking that other people will think so. Treat yourself as if a VIP, a special guest to the world for a very short period of enjoying this world. Give yourself all the special treatment you can.

What are the specialties you have? You are able to read this article, you are intelligent enough to understand and take action on what I say.

You have special hidden talents that may be in sleeping stage now. Brush it up now and you will identify how special you are.

Give your body the best food. I mean your body, not your taste buds. Give your body the nutritious food it deserves to stay healthy for the years to come.

Give your mind the best food. Just like your body needs food, your mind also needs food. Here you can take food from a platter to feed your mind.

What you are doing is continuously feeding your mind with strong positive beliefs. Read the success stories of people who have scaled the peaks of success with sheer determination. Also read the story of people who enjoy their life 'irrespective' of backlashes and hardships.

Give yourself a gift today. UNDERSTAND today that you are a special person. You are an important person.

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