Top Six Adwords Copywriting Tips for Newbies

Copywriting for Adwords is a very pleasant task. In 10-15 words you say the complete story of your offer, prompting the visitor to check your offer out.

Adwords copywriting experts and in-house Adsense managers use different copywriting techniques, all of which are not known to the external world. However, there is a pattern in ads that work and ads that doesn't.

Adwords copywriting as you see is restricted by space and you have to take maximum use of the words you use. Google itself has provided certain guidelines to better adwords copywriting at ++++.m,sfa/.

  1. Mention one benefit of using your product or service in the headline

  2. eg.

    • Increase traffic by 200%

    • Triple your profits in four weeks

    • Expert Advise on CPC Campaigns

    • Best ROI from PPC Advertising

    • List your services in 143 directories

  3. Use Keywords in body
  4. eg.

    • Effective SEO Services from Royal Media

    • Give more muscle to your PPC Campain

    • Best Directory Listing Service
  5. Close with a call to action

  6. eg.

    • Try Royal SEO services today

    • Advertise with Royal Network Now

Google doesn't allow catchphrases like 'click here' which directly initiate a click in Adwords PPC advertising copywriting.

  1. Use numbers wherever possible.


    • Increase traffic by 200% in 3 days

    • 400 inbound links in two weeks
  2. Include Prices

  3. Including prices in the ad copy has several advantages. The first is that it reduces unqualified clicks to a minimum. That is people who are not willing to pay your price will not be interested in clicking on your ads too. You save precious advertising money for qualified clicks, where people will be actively considering your offer.


    • List of 1200 business directories, $ 50 only

    • Adwords Campaign Management, starting at $ 450 a month

    • Try free Adsense tools from Royal Media (free is also a price)
  4. Create Multiple Variations of Same Campaign

The thing you can do is create an Adwords campaign and prepare 20-30 possible variations of the same Ad, with slight differences. Track the performance of each ad. Some perform better than others. Combine the features of better performing campaign.

You will also find hundred other expert advise from gurus and experts. What works for me may not work for you. Starting with basic guidelines, this will be the way you quickly experience lesser costs, better conversion rates and higher ROI.

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