Daily Positive Thoughts and Feeds

You really know the importance of feeding your mind with positive thoughts. How often do you do it? Is it once in a week, a month or a year?

Just like our body demands daily dose of nutrients, water and air, our mind also needs food. Your mind will take its food even if you don’t feed it.

What kinds of food your mind enjoys depends partly on the surroundings you are in and mostly on your general attitude towards life.

If you are a perpetual complainer, there are good chances that you will go back to your nature of complaining. Once you take the decision to feed your mind with positive thoughts, make it a habit to daily read at least some positive thought inducing books.

If you give bad food to mind, it quickly becomes diseased. You easily forget about your achievements, powers, and resources.

When you feed your mind with positive thoughts, it will remind you of your capabilities and powers within you.

You know you special and important. You remember the fact that you are special, important and capable, when your mind is filled with positive thoughts. If you don’t have your mind filled with positive thoughts, it is possible that you easily fall into the trap of negative thoughts that will drain your mental energy every day.

What are the sources of daily positive thoughts? Reading a few stanzas from Bible is my daily source of positive energy. As long as you are not an atheist, you can derive good energy from God.

The biographies of personalities like Wilma Rudolph, Booker T Washington, Mahatma Gandhi, Lance Armstrong, etc are always good source of good mental food. These are people who have succeeded in their preferred field irrespective of difficulties. Note the term ‘irrespective’. They strived irrespective of difficulties. These are people who are not willing to succumb to any pressure.

The story of a person winning gold medal in Olympics games is almost no news. Winning three gold medals is some news. What if a person who has suffered from polio in her childhood wins three gold medals in Olympics? That is the story of Wilma Rudolph.

Feed your mind with stories of some outstanding achievements of people daily. These people remained ordinary or less than ordinary till one day the story of their sheer determination becomes known to the whole world with some outstanding achievements.

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