Nanotechnology, the Technology of Future

Nanotechnology is so much an in thing today, that people actively begin talking about the wonders nanotechnology promises and already delivers.

The future of nanotechnology, as in all other forms of technology brings with it opportunities, challenges and fears.

Opportunities brought forth by Nanotechnology

Research going on towards development of ultra-compact data storage devices that go well past blue ray discs promises to bring down the physical burden of storage devices. So much data in so little space will be the mantra of future. Storing all data found in and tens of thousands of other websites in a 3-inch or smaller disc is more than promising.

Such storage will be possible by controlling photons. We never believed we could actually slow down the speed of light. Slowing down, holding down the photon for a second and releasing it later give ultra sensitive storage devices that never say no to another GB.

Take the case of development of new materials. Yet to be named materials, thousand times tougher and a hundred times lighter than steel will reduce the weight of vehicles that run on road and go to mars. Such vehicles consume much less amounts of fuel, in the range of hundredths or thousandths of present day consuming. It will not be a wonder if you see a re-launchable space vehicle takes a leap from earth, orbits Mars and return to earth, all while consuming as much fuel as a present day car does to cover 150 km on road.

One such extra tough material is carbon nano-tube. Carbon nanotubes however find application in bio-technology. The development of robotic muscles by University of Texas seems to be only a beginning of a saga. At the end of the journey we will be having human shaped robots tens of thousands of times stronger than Mike Tyson (at his prime).

Biotechnology sees a great leap with advances in nanotechnology. DNA recombination or genetic modification will become order of the day, offering solutions to hereditary diseases and incurable diseases like RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa). The whole genetic constituency of a person will be tracked at the time of birth, just like preparation of Jataka or Birth Chart according to Indian Astrology. Just like the solutions for planetary influences in Natal Chart, biotechnologists will be able to modify the genetic configuration of a person so that the person can be saved from any future diseases.

Stem culture is another area of futuristic technology. Surgically or accidentally severed limbs will be developed inside a test tube to be reattached to the person’s body. For a more recent future, we will see cell culture in developing an artificial liver from the cells of a person. This way the body of the person never rejects the liver when it is used to replace his or her diseased liver.

Stem culture will also be the answer to almost all kinds of cancer.

Challenges and Fears Associated with Nanotechnology

Use of technology against enemies is always going to be a cause of worry. Genetic mapping of a whole population can give significant advantage. Weapons that cause genetic modification or target weak spots in genetic constitution can become possible. Use of the weapons need not be in a large scale. Launching the micro-weapons to the atmosphere can cause people to inhale the genetic toxins.

One cannot predict exact nature of such biotechnology weapons. It may leave the whole population sterile. It may also induce cancer, heart or lung diseases to young people.

Think about a war situation when thousands of fighter planes sized 10 inches or less, each carrying compressed nuclear weapons capable of cleaning up the whole city in a matter of nano-seconds. Defending such attacks become not a difficulty, but an impossibility.

Yesterday’s science fiction is today’s science and technology. Making of a modest claim can be ridiculed tomorrow;
“640 KB should be enough for anybody” – Bill Gates in 1981

It is safe game suppressing the urge of predictions.

A laptop for $ 100

Do you think a laptop sold for $ 100 serves only as a toy for your kid? It’s time for a second thought.

The idea of a $ 100 laptop is not new. Prof Nicholas Negroponte, Chairman and Co Founder of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, unveiled such a project in 2005. The project, named One Laptop per Child (OLPC) is aimed mainly at computer education for children of the poorer countries.

The laptop is yet to hit the market, but solid orders from governments keep flowing in.

The project has big names like eBay, Google, AMD, News Corp, Nortel Networks, Red Hat etc as patrons, each of which has contributed in the tune of $ 2m for the project.

The proposed Linux machine comes without a hard drive. A 500 MHz AMD Processor and 128 MB RAM provides more than basic performance. It does comes with a 500 MB Flash memory and four USB ports, leaving enough scope for external extra memory. Wireless broadband connectivity comes as icing on the cake.

Intel and HP too have plans to roll out similar projects.

This would open up chances of internet caf├ęs in all villages, creating more and more entrepreneurs. The computer will also be enough for basic data entry jobs that are largely outsourced today. Back offices of Silicon Valley can go to the living rooms of India, Philippines and Malaysia.

Five Little Mice on a Computer

One Computer, Five Mice

What is the use of more than a mouse for a computer? You may ask, because you are so accustomed to using a laptop or a desktop all by yourself.

Multiple-mouse computer is a concept developed by Microsoft Research Lab India. The use? Five students of Government schools in India can simultaneously use a computer.

Indian rural schools have very limited computer facilities, which demands children to share a computer. In most cases a single student controls mouse throughout the session, leaving little option for others to touch the mouse.

When other students have some suggestions, they use their fingers to point on the screen. Now five students with a five mouse computer, each of them can make suggestions and take appropriate action without having to ask the leader to do so.

The real use of multiple-mouse computers will surely be in educating children of poor neighborhoods. It can be useful in places where a computer for a student is not an affordable choice.

I did felt the need of double-mouse computer, especially while explaining something to my friend, who loves not to give up control of his mouse.

OK, now I have another idea – I can play a round of chess with a friend on my side. I just have to use the ultra basic chess program.

Ok, it may be time to design combat games where four or five characters can be simultaneously controlled by as much people. Competitiveness will be tough. It can also become a tough task for the physically weak personalities to beat the physically tough competitors. What if the aggressiveness takes another form?

Apart from the hardware requirement of four extra mouse ports, there needs a software support. Each one of the pointers should be uniquely identifiable with different colors or cursor features.

4G Mobile Phones or End of Cell Phone Calls

Think about the scenario where you can download a full length movie to your mobile phone in a matter of seconds. What do you feel if you can conduct live conference with your friend over internet through your mobile phone?

Samsung has given clear signals of emergence of 4G mobile telephony, which will make today’s 3G obsolete. Internet access speeds multiply by many hundreds of times that of 3G.

Mobile phone capable of handling data at one (1) GBPS will bring with it another round of telephony revolution.

Wi Max, the successor of Wi Fi will extend the radius of internet accessibility from 100 m to 50 km. The speed will be steady at 70 mbps. The natural response will be end of cell phone calls.

I mean, people will just switch to VOIP or internet telephony. All they have to pay will be monthly internet charges. Why worry when you have access of Wi Max wherever you are in the city?

Feel nasty? Mobile phone technology putting an axe on the revenue of mobile phone service providers will be quite a fascinating trend to watch out.

The better option of mobile phone service providers will be to rename themselves as internet service providers for mobile phone customers.

NFC is Future RFID

NFC or Near Field Communications is an emerging technology aimed at close range communication of devices.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) provides one way communication, between an RFID Chip and its reader/radar. NFC goes a step further to make communication between mobile phones and computers.

NFC enabled mobile phone can double as a credit card. You can use your mobile phone to make payments at restaurants or grocery store. Just swipe your mobile phone to a NFC reader and the bill will be paid from your account.

You will also be able to pass MP3 files from your mobile phone to your friend’s laptop without any wired connection.

MasterCard, Visa, Nokia, Motorola and Microsoft are active in further enhancements of NFC technology.

All Adwords Advices are not Equal

Invest $ 1000 today and get returns of $ 1237 day after tomorrow.

Use our newbie Adwords™ program to generate $ 97 a day, start today.

These are kinds of advertising flying in the net, wooing newbie internet marketers to a glittering world of Adwords advertising. The proponents of such campaigns make tall claims of sky touching CTR.

CTR (click through ratio) may be possible, what they actively try to hide will be ROI (return on investment). They will do the campaign themselves if they are so sure about the 50 to 200 per cent ROI they promise.

If you are completely new to Adwords advertising, keep in mind that you know nothing about the secrets of Adwords advertising. It is easy to come up with a $ 1 m advertising budget and roll out a full fledged campaign.

Such an attempt is very much like shooting in the dark. You may kill a hare, but will spend out all your resource without nothing much to show off.

Though it is pretty easy to start a campaign and roll out, there is more than creating a headline ad copy and bidding for the highest competitive keywords.

It is advisable to a newbie that you stay away from extremely competitive keywords. You can find less competitive keywords in just any niche industry.

Start out with a specific geographic area; say Los Angeles or New York. Make maximum use of the initial phase to learn more about the working of CPC advertising techniques. Suppress the extra confidence you feel that you will never fail.

First come up with a set of 20 Adwords copy to sell the same item. Set the campaign to show these ads more evenly. Check the impressions-CTR. You will be able to find which ads perform better than the other. Cut the less performing ones.

If you let Adwords bidding system to automatically choose ads that perform well, it will quickly put into dustbin the ads that get lesser hits. It is possible that such ads may perform better and give you more results.

Continue the process till you end with two best performing ads (for a single marketing purpose). Always better the two ads by integrating additional performing elements or removing blocks within the copy. Never ever be satisfied with a single ad. Run two ads simultaneously, even after you are many years in the business.

There is no perfection, only excellence.

If you fail to plan long term, you plan to fail. It is not a nice sight to see you broke.

Body Language Stuff for Men

Hey guys,

Don’t you have heard about body language before, right? OK, I am not going to talk endlessly about healthy body language; instead I will scribble some of my observations with body language.

Hands and arms

My arm movement has been my biggest liability all the years, but identified it only very recently. The problem – I used to move the arms too much, most times before my body.

Some of my friends identified this as a problem and pointed to me this. Thus I made a conscious effort to control arm and hand movement. When walking I now move my hands only three-five inches forward and two inches back. No I didn’t measure the distance with a tape. I just controlled the movement so much.

Later I identified this simple step gave me more control over my body. It actually gave me more control in my interactions with my friends.

The teacher inside me shows up. Controlling the movement of your arms gives you more control in your interactions with your friends, relatives, colleagues and your boss.


Always hold the head high. Keeping head in that position indeed is energizing and represents honesty and integrity.


Let the backbone and head together form a straight line vertically up to the sky. This is ideal posture according to yoga. According to them, this posture opens up free passage for Kundalini energy move up the energy chakras.


Keep chin up. Not up to sky. Keep it parallel to ground. This way you automatically hold your head high.


Eyes exchange thousand stories without telling a word. Eyes can play some very important roles in non-verbal communication. If you lax here, it can break you.

Look straight forward at your eye level. Never look down, especially when talking to someone. Don’t stare at the other person. It can be perceived as overly aggressive. When talking to a person, never look above his or her eye level. It will appear threatening. Look somewhere below the nose and above the chin of the other person. If it is your GF, you can go a bit down. Plz don’t make it overly expressive.

A single point action plan to completely forget about body language

I agree remembering that much is very hard. I will give a single point action plan to forget all of the above.

Bring to your mind an extra supply of pure energy. Wonder how to do it? It is quite easy. Assume that you thoroughly enjoy what you do. Whatever you do, think of it as the most enjoyable thing you can do at the moment. Keep the same attitude even while describing your mistakes to your boss. Do it in an energetic manner. You will be covering several of your weaknesses and scoring high points with your boss and friends.

Make it a habit to bring in that extra mental energy to all your thoughts, actions and conversation with whatever people you come across. You will have to worry little about controlling your arms, putting your chin parallel to ground or keeping your eyes level.

Energetic Communication

This post is about a skill I want to develop myself. I am very poor when it comes to friends department, only a few of them. All of them have been my friends for quite a long time. I really feel down when it comes to the fact that I have very little friends. On the other hand I have little time to maintain the relationships too.

Sometimes, usually in Sunday afternoons, I log in to yahoo messenger to chat to total strangers. Though not very good at it, I occasionally have great conversations (mostly with girls). Most times it ends as a bubble burst.

Back to the title and intended post – energetic communication or energy filled interaction is what makes people refreshed and keeps them stay with you. I have seen the quality of high energy conversation and interaction in some persons. Needless to say, they always are busy entertaining their friends.

The friends as it is called in most cases will be the people they have just met. When you look at their convo, you think they have been friends for years. These high energy people are reservoirs of energy that they pass on to the people around them. I always like to be in the company of such people. Will I be able to behave in similar manner? Sometimes I think so, but in most cases negative thoughts cross me.

Even then I have some words of solace that I say to myself – if you are an introvert and shy person you too can try that.

Everyone is unique. My method of conversation is quiet and fulfilling. I talk slow, but talk only meaningful things. The long-term friendships I maintain prove that I am good friend of friends.

Though I can say these words to myself, I sometimes (or mostly) feel jealous to them who always surround themselves with an army of friends.

Top Gun The Film

This post is about the English film, Top Gun.


Have you seen 'Top Gun', 19-- Tom Cruise starrer film directed by Tony Scott? Indeed a great movie, right? Real great movie stuff, with everything you can ask for in a movie, thrill and fun.

Thrill - fighting between fighter planes in the air.

Fun - the embarassing moment when Maverick (Tom Cruise) finds out the lady he has hit up on is actually his instructer at the Fighter Weapons School or the Top Gun.

Maverick is a Naval Aviator, punished several times for his wayward behavior, but still his officer has little choice but to choose him for risky assignments, because he is such an instinctive pilot. Thus he reaches Top Gun to match against the top 1% of all fighter plane pilots of the world.

At Top Gun, Maverick choose to be always Number 2 and with a reason.

The air combat scenes of the film are so clear and so realistic, taking you to the heights of thrills of actually flying a fighter plane.

There is one specific scene where Maverick slows down to draw a MIG 28 on his tail closer, which frightens his wingman. He was earlier criticized for using this tactic, but he does it again and pulls it off in a big fashion to the cheers of his team members at the naval ship. Maverick cuts straight up, which pushes the MIG to before him, to a perfect position to take a missile shot.

Another attractive scene is Maverick hitting on Charlie (Kelly McGillis) at a bar with a famous song "You don't close your lips any more, when I kiss your lips". Most of the people in the bar gets around Maveric and Charlie and repeats the song themselves, I think to which Charlie is amused. The next day a new instructor was introduced to teach the fighter pilots of Top Gun about enemy combat planes.

There were a few moments of embarassment for Maverick, from which he was quickly relieved, mainly because of an inaccurate piece of information that the civilian instructor tried to convey. Charlie says MIGs can't take 4G turns (flying upside down), which Maverick cuts off with his sighting a MIG actually taking a 4G along with his wing rider Goose (Anthony Edwards).

Background music and songs like "Highway to the danger zone" really help in intensifying the experience of the film.

Karma, Not Janma Decides Destiny

While listening to Christmas Eve message at our church, I got the story of birth of Jesus in a totally different manner. The lowly birth of Jesus is something to watch for. Since getting no space inside a decent inn or house, Joseph had to find a little space in a cowshed, where born Jesus.

Perhaps this is the lowliest birth anyone can get. Irrespective of his lowly birth he went on to transform the whole world and giving a message of hope to everyone.

Notwithstanding his lowly birth he is worshipped all around the world today.

It is not anyone’s Janma (means) birth that determines his destiny. It is his Karma (roughly translated to actions) that determines his or her destiny.

You may be experiencing lack of success in your life. But there is no point in blaming your birth, family, society or conditions.

Most of us had a royal treatment as children. We were born in the most hygienic conditions of a hospital. We were wrapped in sterile white clothes. Our parents held us on a high spirit and we never thought about any difficulties for quite a long time.

When that support is removed, we felt it unfair. Understand it is not. We are all capable of making our own lives and reaching whatever destiny we choose in life. No not everyone can be the richest man on earth. Not everyone can become the president of America.

Everyone can, however design his destiny. To lead a successful life is not a life of conformity. You really don’t have to conform to any norms or restrictions. You really have the potential to break the cocoons of restrictions and go for your full potential.

There are many cocoons that prevent us from exploring the wonders of the world. The main among them are our own attitudes. Whenever we think we are incapable of doing something, we are pulling ourselves into a cocoon. Whenever we feel we don’t deserve something, we are pulling ourselves into a cocoon. Whenever we say to ourselves we shall not do this or that, we are pulling ourselves into a cocoon.

Correctly understand the facts. There is nothing on this earth that prevents you from attaining true glory of life. Make the determination what you can and should do. Make the picture of your destiny clearer and clearer in your mind. Then you will be able to describe that picture in words. Till you can describe your dreams in words, you don’t have a clear idea about where to reach in life.

Once you have a clear idea of where to reach in life, the path to that point will be clearly visible before you. All you will have to do then is to take the opportunities that come your way.

Now you know it is not Janma, but Karma that determines your destiny. Before attempting the Karma, you need to identify the destination. You can design your karma accordingly.

The single point here is, do you have a clear picture about your destiny? Try if you can clearly depict that picture in words.

I will also be writing about the moral and practicability of goal setting in the coming days. Till then, take your time to clarify your destiny. Best wishes to you with your life.

Attaining Mastery in Article Writing

You attain mastery in doing anything only when you can complete the task almost on an autopilot. A master article writer is one who can complete an article without worrying about rules or techniques of article writing. You can be said to be a master article writer if you can write an article while worrying little about sentence structure, grammar, repeated readability check, keyword counting and other rings of fire through which you must pass.

Mastery can be compared to the process of learning driving, which must pass through four distinct stages. The first stage is ‘unconscious incompetence’. The person doesn’t know what driving is. The second stage is conscious incompetence. You know what driving is, the controls etc. But you are not adept at driving a car. The third stage is conscious competence. In this stage you are able to drive a car, but you have to think when to apply clutch, change gears etc. The fourth stage is unconscious competence. In this stage, you will be able to drive a car without thinking anything about any controls of the car. This stage is mastery. You don’t think what you are doing, but everything that needs to be done is done at the right time and in the right manner.

If a writer wants to project himself through his article, the writer has poor mastery over article writing. Many article writers try to drop names and use sophisticated language to attain this. The result will be poor readability. The write words flow from the pen (excuse me; it’s keyboard now) in an effortless manner.

A master article writer doesn’t think so much about which words to use or what sentence structure to follow. His or her only thought is to convey the idea in an effortless manner. When an article writer attains some kind of supremacy in article writing, he or she experiences a free flow of words and his fingers moving over the keyboard effortlessly. The eyes just see the fantastic results being produced on the screen.

Master article writers never assume they have done something exceptional. They are always willing to recheck what they have drafted. The recheck comes after 10 minutes, two hours or a week. Then again the master article writer sees some scope for tweaking and bettering the article. Most times it is not necessary.

The recheck helps a master article writer to fix any errors that have crept in. There will only be minor errors, which usually occur due to overlooking. The eyes and brain together have a tendency to see blocks of words. It is a good thing when it comes to gulping down all info about any topic of choice.

Many times I have experienced the inadvertent omission of key verbs from a sentence. This can repeat two or three times in a 425 word article. Such errors will not be visible in an immediate re-reading. A re-check after one or two hours will help you identify such inadvertent omission errors. This article writer can’t be said to be a master article writer.

How long will it take to be a master article writer? Some article writers don’t attain mastery over article writer after 10 years of article writing. Dedicated article writers can attain master article writer status in a matter of few months.

How to Write How to Articles

‘How to’ articles generally teach people something. It can be a new skill in Photoshop, or a DIY project. This article is about writing ‘how to articles’.

Do you feel so thrilled that you want to share your expertise with others so that you can gain the extra confidence of a leader? Here are two ways to bring your expertise to words.

If what you are going to do is an extra long process, running through several steps, use a list style. I.e. break down the whole process into as many simple steps as possible.

The number of steps doesn’t matter. But make sure you write each step in such a language and simplicity that a completely newbie will be able to follow your guidance.

Each step, written in simple words easily teaches the whole thing you intend to in a single reading. The reader may choose to print out your article to actually keep it besides him or her while doing something according to your tutorial.

I could break down the above tip into several tips, but I think it is self explaining and you understand what I mean.

If what you intend to tell is not that complex process, use simple prose language. But don’t use this method if you are writing a tutorial titled ‘how to simply create professional logos with Photoshop’, or ‘how to repair your grandfather clock’.

One suggestion: write how to articles only on topics you have a clear idea about.

Bad Image Creation with $1 Articles

It is an interesting trend to see people at online freelance job exchanges trying to get writers to write articles for $1. On the first sight it seems a good idea to hire people who can come up with an article of 500 plus words for such a meager sum. Have a reality check once again. Is it really profitable for you?

Leave the willingness of people to take up a job of writing a 500-700 word article for little to nothing. What do you get in return? You will get in return a few articles that are lifted from an article directory or your competitor site. Sure there will be some rewording here and there. Can you say it original work? Think about the damages of getting caught with charges of copyright violations.

You know the real worth of quality content. Why on earth do you cheat out on yourself?

The articles in most cases will violate existing rules of English grammar. Think about what kind of message you give your target audience with poor written articles about your company, products and services. Do you think you are making a better impression with poorly written articles? Of course, you will have articles published at hundreds or thousands of locations. Think if it is the only thing you ever want.

The working of search engines has created the need to get as much incoming links as possible. Soon article submission became the shortcut to achieve that target of uncountable inbound links. Website owners first used their in house resources to create the articles, and then they outsourced the work to freelancers. Now the trend is to find someone to fill a page with some pre-selected keywords somehow joined together with groups of words that can hardly be said a sentence.

Article writers really have nothing to worry about this trend. Quality will always be rewarded. There will be genuine business people who want to do business in the long run. They are always willing to pay the writers their share. Because, they know what they are doing.

Designing Adwords Landing Pages

There is quite a bit of confusion about Adwords landing pages recently. For business people and merchants, there is no room for any confusion.

The landing pages must be easily converting. If the conversion rate is low, the main reason is poor designing of the page.

People click through to your page because they were searching for something and your ad promised to deliver what they were seeking.

See the point there? Visitors reached your page thinking you deliver what they were searching for.

The business has a responsibility here – provide what you have promised. Don’t make people guess for a second where they can go from the page or how they can complete the signup or put an order for the product you sell.

You also need to provide more information about the product and your company.

There should be clearly visible links, probably on the top (and bottom) horizontal menu bar to any page the visitor may like to go.

There should also be a BUY NOW button. This will allow the visitor put an order straightaway. It will not be the case always, customers do need to find more about the product they intend to buy and about the company they are doing business with.

It may sometimes be hurting for website designers to design functional web pages instead of filling pages with distracting visual elements.

Let the visual elements functionally support the purpose of the page.

The Features I Look for in Google Ads

Google Adwords advertising is so cool to get the exact visitors you choose. Then again, the business people are committed to provide what their visitors seek in the shortest possible time. Visitors to the site are NOT ready to browse through all the pages to find product info, contact info and physical location of the business etc.

With present type of ads, we can lead the visitor to only a single page – it can be either product description page, signup page, ‘buy now’ page, or simply the homepage.

The requirement is simple; let the visitor be able to visit any of the page he/she chooses to visit with the first click on the ad. This is possible by including different landing pages in a single ad unit.

Such a system can work like expandable maps that appear next to search results or like the one in ‘click to call’ ads.

Adwords ads appearing in Adsense publishers’ network have a wide clickable area. There are chances of unintentional clicks. Providing links to multiple landing pages on single Adsense Ad unit not only provides different options for the visitors, but also avoids unwanted or unintentional clicks.

Adsense Optimization Tips for Beginners

Adsense can give significant income if you know how to optimize your pages with in-depth content.

Adsense Ad Placement Tips
Where and how you present your adsense ads also has a significant impact on CTR and revenue you generate.

# Place an image ad towards the top of the page. It can be just below, above or by the side of page headline. The last one proves to be more efficient. Many bloggers place ads just above their posts. I don't place ads like that. (It is not either possible with Beta Blogger). Taking the ad to above blog title is OK.

# Put a wide format Ad (a big square) at the base of an article or a blog post or at the end of comments.

# Adsense tip for forum publishers. Put a leaderboard between first post of a thread and its first reply. Leaderboard usually performs well between forum posts.

# Many Adsense experts suggest placing a wide skyscrapper towards the right of page, probably near the scroll bar. They say it increases chances for better CTR.

Adsense Color Combination

The two main types of Adsense ad formating are merge-in and stand-out. Merge-in ads that gives the feel of very much part of the page has better chances of getting clicks than stand out types.

# Match border and bg color of Google ad to the color of its immediate surroundings.It is OK to make the text and url in the ad appearing as part of your page. But never hide ad elements like text or url by matching them against the background. Such cases will not be left unnoticed and you will find the text and url standing out soon.

# When trying to place your ad as stand out one, make sure you create a separate field (like a table box). Make the color of the box, ad border and ad bg the same, but different from the surroundings. Putting the Adsense ad in a box, just bigger than the ad usually looks good on a page.

Optimizing Content for Adsense

# Sorry to start with the obselete - use the main keyword and its variations in a descriptive manner. Dont ever compromise the flow of reading with induction of keywords. The point is to fill your website with lot of content pages.

# Use keywords in sub titles using 'H', 'B' or 'STRONG' tags. Include at least three such headlines with descriptive
keywords/key phrases.

# Link to at least three content pages. The target pages can be from your own website or blog, but has content on quickly identifiable topic. The anchor text also has target keyword.

# Try Adsense Section Targeting
Here a section of your content is ear marked for Google to consider for serving ads. See Google Adsense Section Targeting instructions for details.

More Adsense tips from other websites and blogs

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Hope it is beneficial for you readers.

Daily Positive Thoughts and Feeds

You really know the importance of feeding your mind with positive thoughts. How often do you do it? Is it once in a week, a month or a year?

Just like our body demands daily dose of nutrients, water and air, our mind also needs food. Your mind will take its food even if you don’t feed it.

What kinds of food your mind enjoys depends partly on the surroundings you are in and mostly on your general attitude towards life.

If you are a perpetual complainer, there are good chances that you will go back to your nature of complaining. Once you take the decision to feed your mind with positive thoughts, make it a habit to daily read at least some positive thought inducing books.

If you give bad food to mind, it quickly becomes diseased. You easily forget about your achievements, powers, and resources.

When you feed your mind with positive thoughts, it will remind you of your capabilities and powers within you.

You know you special and important. You remember the fact that you are special, important and capable, when your mind is filled with positive thoughts. If you don’t have your mind filled with positive thoughts, it is possible that you easily fall into the trap of negative thoughts that will drain your mental energy every day.

What are the sources of daily positive thoughts? Reading a few stanzas from Bible is my daily source of positive energy. As long as you are not an atheist, you can derive good energy from God.

The biographies of personalities like Wilma Rudolph, Booker T Washington, Mahatma Gandhi, Lance Armstrong, etc are always good source of good mental food. These are people who have succeeded in their preferred field irrespective of difficulties. Note the term ‘irrespective’. They strived irrespective of difficulties. These are people who are not willing to succumb to any pressure.

The story of a person winning gold medal in Olympics games is almost no news. Winning three gold medals is some news. What if a person who has suffered from polio in her childhood wins three gold medals in Olympics? That is the story of Wilma Rudolph.

Feed your mind with stories of some outstanding achievements of people daily. These people remained ordinary or less than ordinary till one day the story of their sheer determination becomes known to the whole world with some outstanding achievements.

Positive Expectations create Positive People

This post is about the importance of positive expectations from children by parents, teachers and elders. When others expect positive qualities from a child, it is almost sure the child will produce expected results.

Children are easily labeled as brilliant, smart, naughty and with hundred other labels. Children get this labels primarily from their parents and other senior members of family, then from teachers and finally from peers.

What does this do to the child? Think about it. There is subconscious psychology at play. When a child is expected to behave in a certain manner, he or she is automatically programmed to respond in that certain way.

He or she thinks is the normal way for him to respond.

The best thing parents, elder members and teachers do to their children is therefore put positive expectations from your children. No put downs.

I have heard many teachers saying to children "You are always like that" whenever they find any fault.

The better way would be "I believe you are well behaved children knowledgeable about right and wrong. What happened in this specific incident?". This put children to think what has happened that lead to a wrong action by them.

'You're always like that' is the subconscious license for the children to continue what they do.

You are brilliant at Math, you learn language quickly etc are positive vibes teachers and parents should always feed the children.

Heard the story of Thomas Alwa Edison going to school? Edison, the great inventor of all times had little formal education.

One day little Tom returned from school with a note from his teacher, which stated that Tom was an idiot.

To which his mother replied. He is no idiot. He is brilliant. I will teach him. I don't know the name of the teacher, but that little Tom has given many gifts to almost all of mankind.

Putting positive expectations on children by parents has strong positive influence on your children. Same is true for negative expectation, but understand whenever you say negative things about your child it has destructive force on him/her.

You are Special and Important

Read the headline once again, I really mean you are special and important. No one in this world is created insignificant. There are times when you are put down by others. But you must understand that you are special and important.

You will not get the special and important treatment from all the walks of your life. This doesn't tell you are lesser important person, or you are less special.

You should not imagine that you are special and important. You should not think you are special and important. Instead you must understand you are special and important. You must know you are special and important.

There is a sea of difference between imagining or thinking and really knowing.

With imagination, you think it is only imagination. With thinking you think it is only your thoughts. But the correct knowledge that you are important will prepare to see the life in a whole new light.

To whom are you important to. Atheists excuse me. You are an important creation of GOD. You are special to the almighty.

The second person whom you are important to. That person is yourself. If you don't feel important and special to yourself, there is no point in thinking that other people will think so. Treat yourself as if a VIP, a special guest to the world for a very short period of enjoying this world. Give yourself all the special treatment you can.

What are the specialties you have? You are able to read this article, you are intelligent enough to understand and take action on what I say.

You have special hidden talents that may be in sleeping stage now. Brush it up now and you will identify how special you are.

Give your body the best food. I mean your body, not your taste buds. Give your body the nutritious food it deserves to stay healthy for the years to come.

Give your mind the best food. Just like your body needs food, your mind also needs food. Here you can take food from a platter to feed your mind.

What you are doing is continuously feeding your mind with strong positive beliefs. Read the success stories of people who have scaled the peaks of success with sheer determination. Also read the story of people who enjoy their life 'irrespective' of backlashes and hardships.

Give yourself a gift today. UNDERSTAND today that you are a special person. You are an important person.

Presto and HP Email Printer

Grandparents and great grandparents now can receive emails without worrying about making wrong clicks on mouse, thanks to Presto and HP email printers specially designed for technology challenged persons receive emails and photos on a paper.

Wow, I've to even worry if any one of the end users of this combo read this post, sometimes maybe not.

Presto, a startup company offers a simple solution to receive emails without requiring a computer or broadband connection. The receiver however needs HP email printer ($ 249.99) connected to a telephone line. The user doesn't even have to switch on/off the printer.

The receiver is assigned an email id. The mails that received at this id are stored in Presto servers until they are sent to be printed to the receiver printer at predetermined time, several times a day as Presto say. The printer works only when you have email ready to be printed.

There are different attractive templates to print photos and text in an attractive manner.

There is nothing to worry about hundreds of spam mails eating up your printing paper. Presto sends emails from a pre-approved list only. The receiver can choose a handful of senders to send them emails and photos.

There is a monthly charge of $ 9.99 to receive emails via printer from Presto. It is a small amount when compared to the joy of seeing the photos of grandchildren or great children who may be in another continent.

Blogads Ad Network

Blog Ads, located at offers blog writers sell advertising space of their blogs to advertisers who want to get exposure for their products through the network of participating blogs.

The ad formats from Blog Ads are quite attractive, with lot of space for an image and a very long description.

This is not CPC or cost per click advertising. Blog publishers and advertisers can agree upon a rate for publishing the ads. The contract is for a week, a month or for three months. Publishers can review their prices.

Blog Ads take a commission from the price.

Since the advertising space is purchased directly by the advertisor, a publisher needs to ensure that the advertisement will be displayed on a prominent location, mostly top in the page.

It is a bit trickier than Adsense because of the bargain process involved. Also if your blog is not that popular, advertisors will not be interested in your blog.
Signing up for blogads is not open for all, but someone has to invite you to the publisher network (I didn't get an invitation till now).

When Webtop takesover Desktop

Desktop to Webtop; are we ready for the Opportunities and Challenges?

Web 2.0 is no longer at our doorsteps, it has taken a seat in our living room. With variety of programs and solutions to manage all your desktop applications online, a webtop brings both opportunities and challenges.

Opportunities of Web Top Publishing
Online document creation solutions like Google Documents, it is now easy to sidestep the restrictions of desktop publishing. You go webtop with such online documents creation and managing solutions.

Such solutions also allow collaborative development of content, i.e. different persons can work on the same document at the same time. Imagine three professionals from Bangalore, Sydney and Los Angeles working on a document at the same time.

With reliable servers, there never arises an issue of most dreaded data loss. All personal and business data are safe and always accessible from any computer connected to the internet.
One can create a PDF document without using a software like Acrobat. Ebook publishing can be a collaborative project with never-before ease.

Challenges of Webtop Publishing
There will also arise challenges such as leakage of sensitive business data like customer list, financial details and personal details like bank account details.

These become challenges especially when people take a lax look on security issues. These things can mostly happen, but are avoidable by observing basic internet security measures.

Help Pooja Find Her Parents

Four year old girl seeks her parents

Pooja is a normal four year old girl. This girl from somewhere in the northern part of India is now at Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Southern most state capital of India. A lot of people she would rejoin her parents sooner than later.

I was quite surprised to receive the same email forwarded from different friends and again seeing the same mail at a Yahoo Group and at community message. The common theme of all the mails was an appeal to humankind to help a four year laz find her parents. She was separated from her parents somewhere in the past.

Pooja, apparently from Northern India reached the hands of Kerala Police when they stiffened the stand on abusing children for begging. Pooja, the girl retrieved from a Tamil nomadic group. The beggar gang leader lied before magistrate that Pooja is his daughter but she was lucky to be rescued and be sent to Nirmala Bhavan Sisu Bhavan, a caretake place for young children in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Pooja is the company of 24 other kids at the place.

Pooja slowly learns to speak Malayalam and teaches others Hindi film songs.

According to Pooja her father is Raju and mother is Munnadevi of Nagaluppa. Since then police has searched all places in Northern States of India for Nagaluppa the place name. The searches gave no results.

Meanwhile some persons set up a website at, a website that tells known details about the girl.

Now enquiry calls come in search of Pooja from Europe, US and all parts of the world. Finding real parents of the girl becomes a tough task and only DNA tests tell the real parents.

I don't forward any mails. Here too I didnt forward the mail, but post the message here as a blog post. Now you have the message, pass this message to as many people as possible - you may be becoming part of new history of love, compassion and humanity.

image from

When Technology Becomes Politicised

War against multinational corporations, globalism and other intellectual enemies were always a necessity for the communists of Kerala, more so than anywhere else in the world.

The latest war take by coms is against Windows OS. They today want Linux OS installed in all computers of Kerala. Ough, their teeth and nail war against computers is not buried in memory yet.

Think people of Kerala, what good has the fight against implementation of computers brought us. It only pushed us back by 20 or 30 years. While other states of South India embraced computer implementation of computers, we were busy preventing the entry of this mamoth enemy that would leave thousands of us unemployed, because then we were at least somewhat brainwashed that a computer could do the job of a thousand people and 999 people will be left unemployed with the coming of a single computer. Nice logic, nah?

The people got enlightenment when one of their leaders visited some foreign countries where he saw thousands of young people employed with different computer application jobs.

Yeah, they were magnanimous in 'correcting' their mistakes, but by the time Kerala has already been lashed back by at least 20 years behind Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

It is a happy thing they acknowledge computers today. Now they are educated so much that they are fully aware of the dangers of proprietary software like Windows OS. Free and Open Source Software is their need of the hour. Implementing Linux is a burning desire.

As soon as they came to power they have took the first steps of installling Linux in all school computers of Kerala. Now, they want to find teachers experienced enough in Linux atmosphere to teach tens of thousands of children.

What a great scenario, isn't it? A state full of Linux OS computers, but with little people with enough knowledge in handling Linux.

You are fully aware of the previous war against this giant called computer. Now we have another enemy in desktop.

Reading this much down, don't think I am against Linux. In fact I appreciate Linux for the open environment it provides. But are enough teachers of Kerala today capable of handling Linux Platform?

Attempts of computer education to teachers really was a hard task for instructors. Now think about our teachers memorizing 50 lines of Linux Programming.

Yeah, but we are always ready to fight unknown enemies. Because if we stop fighting, our great party will go to shambles. Followers always need to struggle and hope for a bright future, where easy to use software has no place, it must be Free and Open. By free we always mean 'free meals'. Is there really a thing called 'free meals'? I thought no.

This struggle against Windows Operating System and over-enthusiasm to implement Linux will effectively deprive our little children of new technology. Yeah, Linux education is needed, but without the support of a pool of knowledgeable instructors, mass implementation proves futile.

Top Six Adwords Copywriting Tips for Newbies

Copywriting for Adwords is a very pleasant task. In 10-15 words you say the complete story of your offer, prompting the visitor to check your offer out.

Adwords copywriting experts and in-house Adsense managers use different copywriting techniques, all of which are not known to the external world. However, there is a pattern in ads that work and ads that doesn't.

Adwords copywriting as you see is restricted by space and you have to take maximum use of the words you use. Google itself has provided certain guidelines to better adwords copywriting at ++++.m,sfa/.

  1. Mention one benefit of using your product or service in the headline

  2. eg.

    • Increase traffic by 200%

    • Triple your profits in four weeks

    • Expert Advise on CPC Campaigns

    • Best ROI from PPC Advertising

    • List your services in 143 directories

  3. Use Keywords in body
  4. eg.

    • Effective SEO Services from Royal Media

    • Give more muscle to your PPC Campain

    • Best Directory Listing Service
  5. Close with a call to action

  6. eg.

    • Try Royal SEO services today

    • Advertise with Royal Network Now

Google doesn't allow catchphrases like 'click here' which directly initiate a click in Adwords PPC advertising copywriting.

  1. Use numbers wherever possible.


    • Increase traffic by 200% in 3 days

    • 400 inbound links in two weeks
  2. Include Prices

  3. Including prices in the ad copy has several advantages. The first is that it reduces unqualified clicks to a minimum. That is people who are not willing to pay your price will not be interested in clicking on your ads too. You save precious advertising money for qualified clicks, where people will be actively considering your offer.


    • List of 1200 business directories, $ 50 only

    • Adwords Campaign Management, starting at $ 450 a month

    • Try free Adsense tools from Royal Media (free is also a price)
  4. Create Multiple Variations of Same Campaign

The thing you can do is create an Adwords campaign and prepare 20-30 possible variations of the same Ad, with slight differences. Track the performance of each ad. Some perform better than others. Combine the features of better performing campaign.

You will also find hundred other expert advise from gurus and experts. What works for me may not work for you. Starting with basic guidelines, this will be the way you quickly experience lesser costs, better conversion rates and higher ROI.

Google Must Check these Click Frauds

Different Adwords/Adsense click frauds and checking methods

Google Adwords, the Cost per Click (CPC) advertising program is indeed an effective way for advertisors reach potential customers. There are some weaknesses in the model, which are promptly taken advantage of by fraudsters. The ignorance or arrogance of a few of Adsense also cause advertisors lose faith in this program.

Adwords Clicks Generated by Competitors:
This is perpetuated mainly by competitors of a business, who deliberately click on competitors ads to ensure the resources are spent without any return to the advertisor. Advertisor sees advertising amount slipping through his fingers. Competitors make a keyword search at and click on the advertising.

Adwords click frauds by Adsense Publishers:
This type of click frauds are mainly through Adsense publishers. Adsense is the program for website publishers, in which Google shares Adwords ads with publishers willing to share their advertising space inventory. Google identifies the context of the page in which advertising space is available and serves relevant advertising. Publisher gets paid when someone clicks on the ads displayed on their pages.

Adsense publishers, some out of ignorance and pure arrogance not to read the terms of conditions, click on the ads in their own pages for the sake of some extra revenue.

Adsense publishers, a few of them have even gone overboard by hiring people from other countries, say Bangladesh or Pakisthan, solely for the purpose of clicking the ads on their pages.

Some Adsense publishers are even smarter. They hire people to chat through public chat features offered by instant messaging services like Yahoo Messenger, MSN Chat etc. They duty of the employees is to represent themselves as women of 20-23, chat to the visitors, ask them to visit the publisher page. They also ask to click on the 'links on the left', misrepresenting Google Ads as some plain links. That is all they want. It is a serious, almost undetectable condition, in which the clicks are generated from over different physical locations.

Advertisors Clicking their own Ads:
Sounds funny? Some advertisors do plan to click on their own ads, so that their ads will not be banned by Google Adwords. Google avoids ads that fail to generate clicks. By clicking their own ads, they hope their ads stay longer in the network. This can also can be semi-skilled Adwords agents promising n number of clicks per day. This is ignorance on part of advertisors and they are shooting at their own feet.

Possible Solutions for Adwords Click Frauds
Pattern give directions to anomalies. With Adwords click frauds, except in certain cases apparently lack a detectable pattern. Note the word apparently. It doesn't mean fully. In fact there is a pattern that Google can watch for.

The CTR of such a publisher or advertisor will be abnormally high, much higher than industry average.

The first thing to look for the amount of time a visitor spends at the landing page. If the visitor leaves the resulting page immediately after loading the page, it can be a sign of click fraud. Poor visitor retaining can also occur due to inaccurate targeting of keywords.

There are several sub-patterns within this pattern.

The visits are from same IP address.
If a visitor continuously click on a specific ad, it can be a clue to competitor click fraud.

Several Adwords click from same IP address
Several adwords clicks on different ads of no apparent relation can be the sign of a 'click-farm'. The 'employee' hired from another country gets a list of webpages to visit and make clicks for the publishers.

Immediate Ad click
A publisher gets clicks within moments of loading the page, with no apparent multiple page views. Get alerted about an IM-Chat-based click fraud. The visitor may or maynot stay on the landing page for a few moments, but will leave because he or she has nothing of interest in the resulting page.

Sadly, most of the criteria that fits Adsense click fraud also fits better performing Adwords ads or Adsense publisher pages. Advertisors use Adwords to get qualified visits to their site. The goal of the advertisors can be a product sale, a signup or spreading word about their movement. With click frauds, the advertisors will only be throwing their money in the air. Finding a way to prevent click frauds thus becomes the logical step towards ensuring income for Adsense publishers on the long run. Because it is from advertisors that the money comes from.

What Google Adsense is

Adsense from Google, is the main income source for many a website owners, blog writers, forum publishers and almost all types of content publishers on the net. Google Adsense serves advertisements to webpages and pays publishers whenever a visitor click on an ad in their web page. The ads come from Google Adwords, the pre-eminent pay per click (PPC) advertising program heralded by Google.

Any publisher of blogs, forums or websites of any number of daily hits can apply for an Adsense account and almost immediately approved as a publisher. The publisher then needs to copy and paste a piece of Javascript code to the page template (HTML, CSS etc). The code is copied after personalizing the size and color of the ad layout using an easy to use palette. There are also image ads. One can choose to display text-only ads, image ads or accept both as per availability.

Adsense for Search is another option of income for publishers in which, the publisher can offer Google search from his/her site. Adsense referrals are also available now. There are presently four of Google products available in referral program - Adsense, Adwords, Picasa photo editing software and Google Pack, a pack of software suites.

Adsense policy requires a publisher does not click on ads served to his/her pages. Soliciting clicks by phrases like 'click here' 'click on the links in the box' etc are also not allowed. The great revenue source has prompted many publishers find alternative ways to generate artificial clicks, which has given rise to large-scale click-fraud. Click fraud is the practise of artificially generating clicks with the help of bots or people.

There are reports about a dating site retracting paid structure to utilize Adsense as revenue source. Their revenue increased after they stopped asking users to pay. Bloggers and other small scale publishers depend heavily on Google Adsense for their revenue. Managing Adsense is the easiest task, as they don't need to sign up for hundreds of affiliate programs for revenue source.

Something PersonalAdsense is the sole reason I started blogging. I will use Adsense in this blog once I build enough content posts on varying topics.

Hey dear reader are you a blogger or a website publisher and uses Adsense? What is your experience with Adsense? It is not legal to disclose details like CTR, CPC etc. But it is OK to disclose total monthly income. Do you have any specific techniques to attract more clicks? Do take some time to leave a comment below.

Who Controls Law and Order in Kerala?

Reading the newspapers of Dec 9 Saturday, a doubt crept into my mind, Who controls law and order in Kerala, police or politicians at power?

I now believe law and order is controlled solely by people at power, in a way they like it.

Read the stories of a raid conducted at a recording studio in Cochin by anti-piracy wing, which was promptly interfered by home department. Inspector General of Police (Anti Piracy Cell) Rishi Raj Singh was asked to immediately stop the raid, which when he refused was presented with an order stating he was removed from the IG post and all his positions as high ranked IPS officer taken off of from him.

Read it in another way, if you are a policeman, looking to do your duty as is described in the law books and police rules, you may be suspended from your post any moment, even when you are in the midst of doing your duty. Increadible, nah?

P.S. the abovesaid studio is owned and operated by the wife of another IG of Police, Tomin Thachankari. But thanks to Chief Minister of Kerala, VS Achuthanandan who ordered to re-instate IG back at his position, which helped continue the raid after a two and a half hours.

{About some insider party politics: VS Achuthanandan was censured by state committee of Communist party not to put his nose un-necessarily into the matters of home-department}

Now, it is clear that police can't make their moves to catch thieves and pirates.

Other (not so nice) stories from within Thiruvananthapuram City.

An RSS activist, Krishna Kumar bombed and hacked to death in day light while he was travelling with his friend at Kodunganoor near Vattiyoorkavu - Dec-1.

V Babu, the driver at Rajasthan Jewellery at Chirayinkeezhu killed on road by a gang of six.

Sasikumar of Kuttiyani near Vattappara hacked to death on Nov 29.

A gang of seven attacks Samod (19) at Panavila Jn, near Bakery Jn in the City - Dec-1.

Sadasivan from Anad stabbed at Murinjapalam in the city - Dec-3.

Abhilash from Thirumala man-handled at his house - Dec-3.

Gang attack at Sagara Plus Hotel DPI Jn - Dec-3.

Most interesting item is yet to come, read carefully.

A group of CPI(M) and DYFI activists show their superiority over police by attacking Police Station at Venjaramoodu.

I pity police; what will they do if lay people like me start attacking them? Policemen had to think twice before taking action against the culprits of any of the above incidents, because they don't know when they get a fax from higher office asking them to leave their position at the moment.

Don't you now think Kerala really is God's own country. Yeah, I too thought so, but now I know it may still be God's own country, but Devil has succeeded in filling the land with his own agents.

Hey, fellow readers from Kerala, what do you think about the raid, the aftermath and the frequent gang attacks? Leave a comment below.