What Google Adsense is

Adsense from Google, is the main income source for many a website owners, blog writers, forum publishers and almost all types of content publishers on the net. Google Adsense serves advertisements to webpages and pays publishers whenever a visitor click on an ad in their web page. The ads come from Google Adwords, the pre-eminent pay per click (PPC) advertising program heralded by Google.

Any publisher of blogs, forums or websites of any number of daily hits can apply for an Adsense account and almost immediately approved as a publisher. The publisher then needs to copy and paste a piece of Javascript code to the page template (HTML, CSS etc). The code is copied after personalizing the size and color of the ad layout using an easy to use palette. There are also image ads. One can choose to display text-only ads, image ads or accept both as per availability.

Adsense for Search is another option of income for publishers in which, the publisher can offer Google search from his/her site. Adsense referrals are also available now. There are presently four of Google products available in referral program - Adsense, Adwords, Picasa photo editing software and Google Pack, a pack of software suites.

Adsense policy requires a publisher does not click on ads served to his/her pages. Soliciting clicks by phrases like 'click here' 'click on the links in the box' etc are also not allowed. The great revenue source has prompted many publishers find alternative ways to generate artificial clicks, which has given rise to large-scale click-fraud. Click fraud is the practise of artificially generating clicks with the help of bots or people.

There are reports about a dating site retracting paid structure to utilize Adsense as revenue source. Their revenue increased after they stopped asking users to pay. Bloggers and other small scale publishers depend heavily on Google Adsense for their revenue. Managing Adsense is the easiest task, as they don't need to sign up for hundreds of affiliate programs for revenue source.

Something PersonalAdsense is the sole reason I started blogging. I will use Adsense in this blog once I build enough content posts on varying topics.

Hey dear reader are you a blogger or a website publisher and uses Adsense? What is your experience with Adsense? It is not legal to disclose details like CTR, CPC etc. But it is OK to disclose total monthly income. Do you have any specific techniques to attract more clicks? Do take some time to leave a comment below.

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