All Adwords Advices are not Equal

Invest $ 1000 today and get returns of $ 1237 day after tomorrow.

Use our newbie Adwords™ program to generate $ 97 a day, start today.

These are kinds of advertising flying in the net, wooing newbie internet marketers to a glittering world of Adwords advertising. The proponents of such campaigns make tall claims of sky touching CTR.

CTR (click through ratio) may be possible, what they actively try to hide will be ROI (return on investment). They will do the campaign themselves if they are so sure about the 50 to 200 per cent ROI they promise.

If you are completely new to Adwords advertising, keep in mind that you know nothing about the secrets of Adwords advertising. It is easy to come up with a $ 1 m advertising budget and roll out a full fledged campaign.

Such an attempt is very much like shooting in the dark. You may kill a hare, but will spend out all your resource without nothing much to show off.

Though it is pretty easy to start a campaign and roll out, there is more than creating a headline ad copy and bidding for the highest competitive keywords.

It is advisable to a newbie that you stay away from extremely competitive keywords. You can find less competitive keywords in just any niche industry.

Start out with a specific geographic area; say Los Angeles or New York. Make maximum use of the initial phase to learn more about the working of CPC advertising techniques. Suppress the extra confidence you feel that you will never fail.

First come up with a set of 20 Adwords copy to sell the same item. Set the campaign to show these ads more evenly. Check the impressions-CTR. You will be able to find which ads perform better than the other. Cut the less performing ones.

If you let Adwords bidding system to automatically choose ads that perform well, it will quickly put into dustbin the ads that get lesser hits. It is possible that such ads may perform better and give you more results.

Continue the process till you end with two best performing ads (for a single marketing purpose). Always better the two ads by integrating additional performing elements or removing blocks within the copy. Never ever be satisfied with a single ad. Run two ads simultaneously, even after you are many years in the business.

There is no perfection, only excellence.

If you fail to plan long term, you plan to fail. It is not a nice sight to see you broke.

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