Body Language Stuff for Men

Hey guys,

Don’t you have heard about body language before, right? OK, I am not going to talk endlessly about healthy body language; instead I will scribble some of my observations with body language.

Hands and arms

My arm movement has been my biggest liability all the years, but identified it only very recently. The problem – I used to move the arms too much, most times before my body.

Some of my friends identified this as a problem and pointed to me this. Thus I made a conscious effort to control arm and hand movement. When walking I now move my hands only three-five inches forward and two inches back. No I didn’t measure the distance with a tape. I just controlled the movement so much.

Later I identified this simple step gave me more control over my body. It actually gave me more control in my interactions with my friends.

The teacher inside me shows up. Controlling the movement of your arms gives you more control in your interactions with your friends, relatives, colleagues and your boss.


Always hold the head high. Keeping head in that position indeed is energizing and represents honesty and integrity.


Let the backbone and head together form a straight line vertically up to the sky. This is ideal posture according to yoga. According to them, this posture opens up free passage for Kundalini energy move up the energy chakras.


Keep chin up. Not up to sky. Keep it parallel to ground. This way you automatically hold your head high.


Eyes exchange thousand stories without telling a word. Eyes can play some very important roles in non-verbal communication. If you lax here, it can break you.

Look straight forward at your eye level. Never look down, especially when talking to someone. Don’t stare at the other person. It can be perceived as overly aggressive. When talking to a person, never look above his or her eye level. It will appear threatening. Look somewhere below the nose and above the chin of the other person. If it is your GF, you can go a bit down. Plz don’t make it overly expressive.

A single point action plan to completely forget about body language

I agree remembering that much is very hard. I will give a single point action plan to forget all of the above.

Bring to your mind an extra supply of pure energy. Wonder how to do it? It is quite easy. Assume that you thoroughly enjoy what you do. Whatever you do, think of it as the most enjoyable thing you can do at the moment. Keep the same attitude even while describing your mistakes to your boss. Do it in an energetic manner. You will be covering several of your weaknesses and scoring high points with your boss and friends.

Make it a habit to bring in that extra mental energy to all your thoughts, actions and conversation with whatever people you come across. You will have to worry little about controlling your arms, putting your chin parallel to ground or keeping your eyes level.

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