Top Gun The Film

This post is about the English film, Top Gun.


Have you seen 'Top Gun', 19-- Tom Cruise starrer film directed by Tony Scott? Indeed a great movie, right? Real great movie stuff, with everything you can ask for in a movie, thrill and fun.

Thrill - fighting between fighter planes in the air.

Fun - the embarassing moment when Maverick (Tom Cruise) finds out the lady he has hit up on is actually his instructer at the Fighter Weapons School or the Top Gun.

Maverick is a Naval Aviator, punished several times for his wayward behavior, but still his officer has little choice but to choose him for risky assignments, because he is such an instinctive pilot. Thus he reaches Top Gun to match against the top 1% of all fighter plane pilots of the world.

At Top Gun, Maverick choose to be always Number 2 and with a reason.

The air combat scenes of the film are so clear and so realistic, taking you to the heights of thrills of actually flying a fighter plane.

There is one specific scene where Maverick slows down to draw a MIG 28 on his tail closer, which frightens his wingman. He was earlier criticized for using this tactic, but he does it again and pulls it off in a big fashion to the cheers of his team members at the naval ship. Maverick cuts straight up, which pushes the MIG to before him, to a perfect position to take a missile shot.

Another attractive scene is Maverick hitting on Charlie (Kelly McGillis) at a bar with a famous song "You don't close your lips any more, when I kiss your lips". Most of the people in the bar gets around Maveric and Charlie and repeats the song themselves, I think to which Charlie is amused. The next day a new instructor was introduced to teach the fighter pilots of Top Gun about enemy combat planes.

There were a few moments of embarassment for Maverick, from which he was quickly relieved, mainly because of an inaccurate piece of information that the civilian instructor tried to convey. Charlie says MIGs can't take 4G turns (flying upside down), which Maverick cuts off with his sighting a MIG actually taking a 4G along with his wing rider Goose (Anthony Edwards).

Background music and songs like "Highway to the danger zone" really help in intensifying the experience of the film.

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