Five Little Mice on a Computer

One Computer, Five Mice

What is the use of more than a mouse for a computer? You may ask, because you are so accustomed to using a laptop or a desktop all by yourself.

Multiple-mouse computer is a concept developed by Microsoft Research Lab India. The use? Five students of Government schools in India can simultaneously use a computer.

Indian rural schools have very limited computer facilities, which demands children to share a computer. In most cases a single student controls mouse throughout the session, leaving little option for others to touch the mouse.

When other students have some suggestions, they use their fingers to point on the screen. Now five students with a five mouse computer, each of them can make suggestions and take appropriate action without having to ask the leader to do so.

The real use of multiple-mouse computers will surely be in educating children of poor neighborhoods. It can be useful in places where a computer for a student is not an affordable choice.

I did felt the need of double-mouse computer, especially while explaining something to my friend, who loves not to give up control of his mouse.

OK, now I have another idea – I can play a round of chess with a friend on my side. I just have to use the ultra basic chess program.

Ok, it may be time to design combat games where four or five characters can be simultaneously controlled by as much people. Competitiveness will be tough. It can also become a tough task for the physically weak personalities to beat the physically tough competitors. What if the aggressiveness takes another form?

Apart from the hardware requirement of four extra mouse ports, there needs a software support. Each one of the pointers should be uniquely identifiable with different colors or cursor features.

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