Attaining Mastery in Article Writing

You attain mastery in doing anything only when you can complete the task almost on an autopilot. A master article writer is one who can complete an article without worrying about rules or techniques of article writing. You can be said to be a master article writer if you can write an article while worrying little about sentence structure, grammar, repeated readability check, keyword counting and other rings of fire through which you must pass.

Mastery can be compared to the process of learning driving, which must pass through four distinct stages. The first stage is ‘unconscious incompetence’. The person doesn’t know what driving is. The second stage is conscious incompetence. You know what driving is, the controls etc. But you are not adept at driving a car. The third stage is conscious competence. In this stage you are able to drive a car, but you have to think when to apply clutch, change gears etc. The fourth stage is unconscious competence. In this stage, you will be able to drive a car without thinking anything about any controls of the car. This stage is mastery. You don’t think what you are doing, but everything that needs to be done is done at the right time and in the right manner.

If a writer wants to project himself through his article, the writer has poor mastery over article writing. Many article writers try to drop names and use sophisticated language to attain this. The result will be poor readability. The write words flow from the pen (excuse me; it’s keyboard now) in an effortless manner.

A master article writer doesn’t think so much about which words to use or what sentence structure to follow. His or her only thought is to convey the idea in an effortless manner. When an article writer attains some kind of supremacy in article writing, he or she experiences a free flow of words and his fingers moving over the keyboard effortlessly. The eyes just see the fantastic results being produced on the screen.

Master article writers never assume they have done something exceptional. They are always willing to recheck what they have drafted. The recheck comes after 10 minutes, two hours or a week. Then again the master article writer sees some scope for tweaking and bettering the article. Most times it is not necessary.

The recheck helps a master article writer to fix any errors that have crept in. There will only be minor errors, which usually occur due to overlooking. The eyes and brain together have a tendency to see blocks of words. It is a good thing when it comes to gulping down all info about any topic of choice.

Many times I have experienced the inadvertent omission of key verbs from a sentence. This can repeat two or three times in a 425 word article. Such errors will not be visible in an immediate re-reading. A re-check after one or two hours will help you identify such inadvertent omission errors. This article writer can’t be said to be a master article writer.

How long will it take to be a master article writer? Some article writers don’t attain mastery over article writer after 10 years of article writing. Dedicated article writers can attain master article writer status in a matter of few months.

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