4G Mobile Phones or End of Cell Phone Calls

Think about the scenario where you can download a full length movie to your mobile phone in a matter of seconds. What do you feel if you can conduct live conference with your friend over internet through your mobile phone?

Samsung has given clear signals of emergence of 4G mobile telephony, which will make today’s 3G obsolete. Internet access speeds multiply by many hundreds of times that of 3G.

Mobile phone capable of handling data at one (1) GBPS will bring with it another round of telephony revolution.

Wi Max, the successor of Wi Fi will extend the radius of internet accessibility from 100 m to 50 km. The speed will be steady at 70 mbps. The natural response will be end of cell phone calls.

I mean, people will just switch to VOIP or internet telephony. All they have to pay will be monthly internet charges. Why worry when you have access of Wi Max wherever you are in the city?

Feel nasty? Mobile phone technology putting an axe on the revenue of mobile phone service providers will be quite a fascinating trend to watch out.

The better option of mobile phone service providers will be to rename themselves as internet service providers for mobile phone customers.

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