Presto and HP Email Printer

Grandparents and great grandparents now can receive emails without worrying about making wrong clicks on mouse, thanks to Presto and HP email printers specially designed for technology challenged persons receive emails and photos on a paper.

Wow, I've to even worry if any one of the end users of this combo read this post, sometimes maybe not.

Presto, a startup company offers a simple solution to receive emails without requiring a computer or broadband connection. The receiver however needs HP email printer ($ 249.99) connected to a telephone line. The user doesn't even have to switch on/off the printer.

The receiver is assigned an email id. The mails that received at this id are stored in Presto servers until they are sent to be printed to the receiver printer at predetermined time, several times a day as Presto say. The printer works only when you have email ready to be printed.

There are different attractive templates to print photos and text in an attractive manner.

There is nothing to worry about hundreds of spam mails eating up your printing paper. Presto sends emails from a pre-approved list only. The receiver can choose a handful of senders to send them emails and photos.

There is a monthly charge of $ 9.99 to receive emails via printer from Presto. It is a small amount when compared to the joy of seeing the photos of grandchildren or great children who may be in another continent.

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