How to Write How to Articles

‘How to’ articles generally teach people something. It can be a new skill in Photoshop, or a DIY project. This article is about writing ‘how to articles’.

Do you feel so thrilled that you want to share your expertise with others so that you can gain the extra confidence of a leader? Here are two ways to bring your expertise to words.

If what you are going to do is an extra long process, running through several steps, use a list style. I.e. break down the whole process into as many simple steps as possible.

The number of steps doesn’t matter. But make sure you write each step in such a language and simplicity that a completely newbie will be able to follow your guidance.

Each step, written in simple words easily teaches the whole thing you intend to in a single reading. The reader may choose to print out your article to actually keep it besides him or her while doing something according to your tutorial.

I could break down the above tip into several tips, but I think it is self explaining and you understand what I mean.

If what you intend to tell is not that complex process, use simple prose language. But don’t use this method if you are writing a tutorial titled ‘how to simply create professional logos with Photoshop’, or ‘how to repair your grandfather clock’.

One suggestion: write how to articles only on topics you have a clear idea about.

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