Help Pooja Find Her Parents

Four year old girl seeks her parents

Pooja is a normal four year old girl. This girl from somewhere in the northern part of India is now at Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Southern most state capital of India. A lot of people she would rejoin her parents sooner than later.

I was quite surprised to receive the same email forwarded from different friends and again seeing the same mail at a Yahoo Group and at community message. The common theme of all the mails was an appeal to humankind to help a four year laz find her parents. She was separated from her parents somewhere in the past.

Pooja, apparently from Northern India reached the hands of Kerala Police when they stiffened the stand on abusing children for begging. Pooja, the girl retrieved from a Tamil nomadic group. The beggar gang leader lied before magistrate that Pooja is his daughter but she was lucky to be rescued and be sent to Nirmala Bhavan Sisu Bhavan, a caretake place for young children in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Pooja is the company of 24 other kids at the place.

Pooja slowly learns to speak Malayalam and teaches others Hindi film songs.

According to Pooja her father is Raju and mother is Munnadevi of Nagaluppa. Since then police has searched all places in Northern States of India for Nagaluppa the place name. The searches gave no results.

Meanwhile some persons set up a website at, a website that tells known details about the girl.

Now enquiry calls come in search of Pooja from Europe, US and all parts of the world. Finding real parents of the girl becomes a tough task and only DNA tests tell the real parents.

I don't forward any mails. Here too I didnt forward the mail, but post the message here as a blog post. Now you have the message, pass this message to as many people as possible - you may be becoming part of new history of love, compassion and humanity.

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