Designing Adwords Landing Pages

There is quite a bit of confusion about Adwords landing pages recently. For business people and merchants, there is no room for any confusion.

The landing pages must be easily converting. If the conversion rate is low, the main reason is poor designing of the page.

People click through to your page because they were searching for something and your ad promised to deliver what they were seeking.

See the point there? Visitors reached your page thinking you deliver what they were searching for.

The business has a responsibility here – provide what you have promised. Don’t make people guess for a second where they can go from the page or how they can complete the signup or put an order for the product you sell.

You also need to provide more information about the product and your company.

There should be clearly visible links, probably on the top (and bottom) horizontal menu bar to any page the visitor may like to go.

There should also be a BUY NOW button. This will allow the visitor put an order straightaway. It will not be the case always, customers do need to find more about the product they intend to buy and about the company they are doing business with.

It may sometimes be hurting for website designers to design functional web pages instead of filling pages with distracting visual elements.

Let the visual elements functionally support the purpose of the page.

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Thank you for clearing confusion about Adwords landing pages recently. I read your post carefully and I must say that its written very well. Thanks a ton!