The Features I Look for in Google Ads

Google Adwords advertising is so cool to get the exact visitors you choose. Then again, the business people are committed to provide what their visitors seek in the shortest possible time. Visitors to the site are NOT ready to browse through all the pages to find product info, contact info and physical location of the business etc.

With present type of ads, we can lead the visitor to only a single page – it can be either product description page, signup page, ‘buy now’ page, or simply the homepage.

The requirement is simple; let the visitor be able to visit any of the page he/she chooses to visit with the first click on the ad. This is possible by including different landing pages in a single ad unit.

Such a system can work like expandable maps that appear next to search results or like the one in ‘click to call’ ads.

Adwords ads appearing in Adsense publishers’ network have a wide clickable area. There are chances of unintentional clicks. Providing links to multiple landing pages on single Adsense Ad unit not only provides different options for the visitors, but also avoids unwanted or unintentional clicks.

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