Purpose of My Blogging

Who Am I Blogging For?Getting your thoughts and ideas in words is an excellent way of giving more clarity to the thoughts. Others may not believe it, but I do. Yeah, this blog I start is an expression of my ideas, thoughts, experiences and things I know.

Target? Myself.

I don’t care what others think about what I think or my ideas. Only thing I care is clarification of my ideas to myself.

What to write about or what to blog about are literally not a matter of concern – for me. Anything that comes to my mind will take form and shape in my palace.

Probably my father had great ideas about me and my brother – hence put the royal term ‘Prince’ in our names.

Yeah, I now think everything connected to me must be royal – like Prince’s Palace.

I do appreciate suggestions and directions about adding ambience to my palace. Have any idea? Leave it in the form of a comment. Why not publish my email address? I already have more than enough junk mail hitting my inbox daily. I am not averse of sharing my email id with real people.

Then again about the purpose of my blog – it is to give a solid form of my thoughts, ideas and experiences about everything in my kingdom called my life.

There will be philosophy, ranting, technology, places, food… In other words there is nothing absent from here. The readers are never advised to appreciate any of my thoughts – you may be at sea afterwards.

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