Team Work and Lonely Tuskers

I have been reading about the employability status of Kerala youth. The second criticism about guys and gals of Kerala is that they are poor team players. The first one being lack of (proper) communication skills. Are we poor team players and better lonely tuskers?

I have a made a soul searching exercise – am I really a team player? I am quite confused if I can be a team player. My work - copy writing and content writing - is always a lonely task. I don’t have the chance to ask for help from someone else whenever I get a writers bloc. I am happy to tread a lone path.

Does it mean I am a poor team player? I really don’t have an idea, I have never been in a team except when I used to play cricket, making a village path pitch and two rubber estates on either sides field. Yeah, I played as a team member. Yeah, there was not a captain in most of the occasions. Make decisions as the game go on. At times we win and at times we lose. Sometimes we get big victories against stronger teams. I remember personal accomplishments like five wickets in three overs more clearly than any team accomplishments. I also remember quick outbursts by different players at different times to drastically alter the progress of games.

Does it again mean I am more a chess player than a soccer player? I don’t care whatever you think.

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