The Science of Getting Rich

Have you read the book titled ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace D Wattles?
I have little comments on the e-book and its contents, not because I got it for free, but because it describes the significant basic things like thought and actions when made in a certain way will lead to gradual unfolding towards abundance of whatever you seek.
Every man requires money and an abundance of it to reach his full potential of intellectual, mental, social and spiritual fullness. One needs to strive towards attaining the fullness of his purpose of life. Modern society assigns great power to money. Thus the effective way of making money is also the way of overall development of one as a whole person.
No this book is nothing about quick money – but about earned money and earned life that you choose to attract to your life and keep there as long as you like.
The curious thing about Wallace D Wattles, there is precious little information about him available from the (e)-book.
I didn’t like the title of the book and thought the man is some con artist trying to sell yet another rich-scheme. Reading halfway down, I understand the author means what he says and is applicable to every man’s (and woman’s) life.
This book is different from ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by --. D Wattles repeatedly suggests that thought can give formless substances form, but only when used in a certain way and when coupled with action.
In other words it is as simple as ‘thoughtless is of no use unless you act and action is waste if not supported by thought’.
The Science of Getting Rich is all about giving the power of thought to action. The thoughts and actions you think insignificant have greater value than I once thought. Yeah, there are few books that have boosted my thinking process – Science of Getting Rich is undoubtedly one of them.
I have got a copy of it as an e-book that I downloaded from Mind Power News . I think several other websites other than Mind Power News either sell or allow people to download the e-book for free. Getting something free of cost has no value – do you think it is true? Even if you do, it will change if you read it for once and practice the principles for six months.
I am not endorsing the book, but if any of you have read the book, provide your feedback about the book as a comment below, please.

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