Male Female Platonic Relationships

Some say it’s just not possible, some (mostly women) say it is possible. What is the truth about male-female platonic relationship? Has anyone had real platonic relationship with a member of opposite sex, and the relationship is strictly platonic? It will be a difficult thing to answer. There is only a blurred line between sexual attraction and platonic relationship.

I have a few questions for you reader, have you had a strictly platonic relationship with a member of opposite sex? That is if you are a woman, have you ever had a real-heartfelt friendship with a man?

I know, I know it is a very difficult question to answer. Even in declared friendships, there are instances where one of the parties feels some sort of attraction towards the other, which in most cases is not reciprocated.

Bring back Niram, the campus film by Kamal, in which most of the story evolves round the platonic relationship between the leading characters. One of them feels a void when there happened to be a separation between them – he feels desperately bad for allowing such feelings to come into his mind. The biggest joke is that it is only the female lead character that doesn’t recognize the other’s feelings towards her.

This is a common trend, and rarely is the situation reversed – have any objection?

Hey, why are you asking me if it is my experience too? Hey, who said, I have gone through such experience…

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