How to Write Something from Nothing

It is a common problem for me to find an exact topic to write about. The title is some quite misleading I agree, it never comes something out of nothing or void. Yet again I am going to write down what I don’t when I don’t have anything special to write about.

Check Google News and Yahoo News technology sectionsIn most cases I find a new software, mobile phone, TV, car, motorcycle, etc that catch my eyes. Most times it is software – I usually download the free-trial versions and check out the functionality. The latest software I checked is Adobe Digital Editions. Write what you feel about the new thing.

Hit a new restaurant and appreciate their serviceIf technology is not your cup of tea, move in a different direction you have never tried and reach a new place and try out a new restaurant. What is the food like, is there any specialty in the dress of waiter/waitress, how do they handle the bill, how is the seating like, what kind of food presentation – you have more than enough things to write about.

Play with a puppy, kid or with your grandpa or grannyAnd write about the experience.

See a new movie/read a new book of genre you have never triedAnd write what you think about it
Learn a secret scienceSince reading da Vinci Code, my favorite is kryptology. I haven’t made any major inroads till, yet it is an amusing new experience. Write about cryptology or the experience of learning something new.
Have you been ill lately? How was the experience at the hospital? A good topic tingling?

Do you like what celebrities do?Writing something about celebrities is always a good way of attracting the fans of that particular celebrity. If taken board, you can even criticize for the sake of criticism, but be prepared for the kind of attention you attract.

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