The Wrong Way of Using Articles from Article Directories

Everyone wants quality content for their websites. If it is not solely for attracting search engines, it is for addressing the visitors as a credible host. Free content is available from article directories in large quantities. There is a right way to use the articles in your websites and there is a wrong way for doing so.

First the right way of using articles from article directories

Article directories require publishers or website owners to use the article as such, without any modifications. You shall not in any way modify author resource box and should leave the live link in tact. This articles are also publishable in magazines, newspapers etc. Then again the resource box rule exists. You must not delete or edit the resource box in any manner.

There can also be restrictions on the number of articles you can take from a specific article directory. Must comply to this rule to play it safe.

The wrong ways of using articles from article directories

It is so compelling for some publishers that they want to remove the resource box and live link. Removing the resource box before publishing is wrong way.

Another thing is to reword the whole article to make the article appear a new one. Thus the website publishers believe they can remove the resource box without violating copyright rules. This is wrong way of using an article from article directories.

Authors publish their articles in article directories to get as much exposure as they can. The only marketing tool they have is the author resource box. They expect traffic to their web pages through the link in the resource box and they expect a better positioning in the web structure. Dishonoring that requirement of the author is against all copyright rules and ethical values.

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