New Year Resolution of a Blogger

I am blog writer, or more clearly an aspiring successful blogger. If you like to know about my plans to success in 2007, you can read on.

This year I will draft a post everyday. Whether I post or not is not relevant, but I will write at least one article per day. It translates into a minimum of 365 articles in 2007. I plan to do more is another thing.

My inspiration comes mainly from a few humans. One among them is Lance Winslow, an expert author at, who has wrote 10,000 articles in 20 months. I don’t think I will write as much articles in five or six years.

Others that I derive inspiration from include Tenzing Norge, Mahatma Gandhi and Wilma Rudolph in general and Lance Armstrong in special. These are people that redefined ‘possible’ and the ‘impossible’.

My second goal is to increase traffic to my blog. I find links to my blog does me good. Every week I will write at least seven posts for my blog. At the same time I will write another article, which I will submit to five article directories.

I will immediately have five links to my blog. I will do this every week. Thus at the end of 2007, I will have 250 links from article directories.

Declaring my intentions loudly to the wide world and getting some feedback for the declaration will be a great boost to my sure march to the status of successful blogger and article writer in 2007.

I don’t plan to use any affiliate programs as of now. But don’t brush off the idea either. If ever I use an affiliate link, I will let my readers know by clearly marking it so.

There is a major challenge before me to be successful as a blogger. It is not the 40kbps connection or English being my second language. The biggest challenge is to turn these resolutions to solid action. In simpler words, retaining the attitude for a year is the biggest challenge before me.

I will break 2007 into 12 months. Analyze my progress every month. I also will put monthly and weekly targets of minimum blog postings and article submissions. Seven blog postings and an article submission a week is my goal. By the end of 2007 I will have a minimum of 350 useful posts and 50 articles giving me 250 links.

Very moderate minimalist goal, I think it is. I think it still is a big challenge.

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