Dig Gold from the Article Your Competitor has Just Submitted

Every online marketer today finds time or hires someone to write good quality articles and post them to article directories. This is actually good marketing strategy as article writing is the short cut to establishing oneself as an expert in literally anything. There is also an added advantage of much needed search engine juice in the form of incoming links.

Website publishers are free to take articles from these article directories and publish it in their own site, provided they make no edits in the article. That is to leave the link in the article intact.

If you don't mind giving a link to your competitor from your site, you can literally dig gold from the efforts of your competitor. This is how. Get the article from the article directory where she has published the article and publish it in your own site. The guiding rule of article directories allows you to do so without worrying about any kind of copyright violation. By submitting to the article directory, your competitor gives you the permission to use the article as a whole, provided you don't edit the article or remove the resource box, which is a link to his/her website.

I agree, directly linking to a competitor website is a difficult thing for most website owners. Don't you like to your competitor article working hard to sell your products? Don't you like to see your competitor article putting money into your pocket? If the article is really worth it, you don't really have to worry about a link pointing to your competitor site. The monetary gains you can reap are much greater than the traffic that you may lose through that one link.

Take an article by your competitor only if the article is so persuasive and pulls the reader to immediately take an action. Here you need to divert the direction of call of action quite a bit. The call of action will be to visit his or her website to get a benefit.

You don't want your visitor say goodbye to your site at this point. The easiest way is to show the visitor that s/he can get the benefit right from your website. The page in which the article is displayed has only one prominent element. That element is a link to the product page or service signup page.

No foul play here. It may be too tempting to remove the resource box from the article. If you do remove author resource box from the article, you are at a serious disadvantage of getting caught for copyright violation, paying huge sums as damage and even spending three years in jail.

Instead, leave the resource box there as a thank you gesture to your competitor for presenting you with a great marketing material that you use with a gleeful smile.

There is no point for your customer click over to another website if s/he can get benefited from your website itself. Ethical stealing, isn't it? Give it a try this trimester.

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