The 27 Simple Title Phrases that Increase Article Readership by 317%

These 27 words and phrases form the basis of a magical article title writing formula that catch the attention of your readers and entice them to quickly skim through your article.

We as professional writers always look for ways to sell more of our articles. It is only human nature to look for shortcuts and easy to follow formulas to get what we want. Here is a list of 27 words or phrases, when used appropriately in titles can show a threefold increase in article readership stats. Here we go

  1. Proven Method (to increase sales, decrease fat, stay healthy)

  2. Magical Formula

  3. Effective

  4. New

  5. Free

  6. Easy

  7. Instant/Immediate

  8. Truth About

  9. Secret

  10. First Time

  11. Simple

  12. This/These

  13. Here

  14. Today/Now ('Today' is more powerful than 'Now'.)

  15. Trusted/Reputed

  16. Powerful

  17. How to

  18. Why

  19. Numbers (look at the title of this article for example)

  20. Selected

  21. Handpicked

  22. Carefully Chosen

  23. Life/Your Life

  24. Tips (to make life easier)

  25. Dirty Tricks

  26. Master Technique

  27. Secret Techniques (that crooks use)

Use one or more of the above words or phrases in titles for ALL your articles.

It just goes without saying the usage of no single word can ensure better readership. These are words commonly found in article titles that sell so quickly.

Also keep in mind don't ever play with the readership of an article title in the quest to include a power word in the title. The right word at the wrong place is a very bad thing to see.

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