Article Submission: Two Strategies that Work

Article authors and article marketers generally employ two different strategies for getting maximum exposure for their articles.

The first one
Write 50-100 articles and submit them to five to ten article directories from which others can get the article for publication.

The second one
Write 5-10 articles and submit them to 357 article directories thereby targeting immediate exposure and higher search engine ranking for their website.

Which is the strategy you follow? Both produce almost similar results in terms of increased website traffic and acceptance.

The first strategy has one advantage. The actual readers reading articles on your specific topic come across a large number of articles all written by you. This makes the reader assume that you have a lot of experience behind the words.

I saw at a body building expert author with more than 70 articles. Add to that he has put a picture of himself that tells loudly he actually is a body builder. No one will doubt he is an expert in his selected field.

The second strategy too has an advantage; readers of different article directories can find you and reach you. You also have the benefit of incoming links from a whole lot of domains and IP locations.

The second strategy however has a problem that the back links you get may be from pages with Google PR 0. It is not very beneficial in your search engine ranking. Avoiding an article directory solely because its home page has page rank zero is not a good strategy either.

I have personally submitted an article to in Dec 2006 as part of massive link building plan for a client website. It had PR 0. Checked back in Jan 15, 2007 and find PR increased to 4. That difference was happened in less than 30 days.

Third strategy I personally like
Handpick five article directories that are highly populated with more than 1,000 authors and a minimum of 10,000 articles. It also has Google PR 5. Submit five articles a week on a consistent basis to these five directories. I don't give you a specific list. But there are enough article directories that meet these conditions and you can choose from them.

Third strategy continued
Randomly pick another five article directories a week and submit the same five articles.

Do you have a fourth strategy?
To submit hundreds of articles to all the article directories that you can find? I don't have experience with strategy and not sure about the results. Seems OK, but may not be the case.

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