Abusive Language in Sales Copy Writing

Quite a few marketers seem to honestly believe using abusive language in sales copy gives them a unique identity, establishes them as superior people and helps them close more sales. Quite a few marketing materials by so called successful people have attracted the attention of almost all internet copywriters.

What makes the marketing people think using abusive language gives them an edge in the marketplace?
The marketing technique is as simple as shocking the prospective customers, making them feel insignificant and taking advantage of their insecurities. Think about similar language using in face to face marketing efforts. Will a salesman be confident enough to use same abusive language when talking to a prospective customer?

Getting the attention of almost all the people who make a living writing proves the tactic has power. I agree, the shock and awe technique has power. How long will the power last? People want to be treated with dignity. If people begin see more and more so called sales letters filled with abusive language, it is serious problem for such copy writers.

With the click of a mouse they will be shutting out the abusive person shouting loudly about his achievements while belittling his or her stature with abusive language.

I don't feel the need of directly referring an abusive sales letter, because you copywriters have all seen it. You may be one among the copywriters who like to address prospective customers as significant creatures.
It is your futile attempts to wear a rowdy personality - it's time you begin using your copywriting skills before the sand beneath you thins away too much.

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