Blog and Website Designing: Why Simple Design Still is the Best

Website designing has come of age and now simplicity is the mantra that drives website designers. A trend started by Google, the concept of simplicity is followed by almost all well known online entities. Compare present home page to that of three years ago. Also have a look at homepage or The best trafficked sites today have a simple design.

Now bloggers, the new breed of publishers want to get bombastic templates for their blogs. Though it may appear nice to the Blogger, readers find it hard to stay longer at the blog. The main problems are web-unfriendly font, almost similar background and font color, the quest for a three column design and thin post column width that gives the blog post the feel that it takes forever to finish reading the post.

The simplicity of design is aimed at selling the product important to the customers. In Google's case it is search. A visitor to the homepage of Google feels like doing only one thing - Google (verb - search).
Get the thing you want as quickly as you can from our site. This is the only thing a website has to tell its visitors. A simple design caters best to this demand. If people don't what they were seeking, they use the power of click - bingo that visitor is lost for ever.

This doesn't mean your website must look like In fact you can bring in use great visual elements to your advantage. Take a look at; it is very pleasant without any visual gimmicks. The visual elements should be complementary to the one product you look to sell in the page. What is the point if the images and flash elements actually hide the real product from the eyes of your customers?

Very simple concept, but the tug between SEO professionals and website designers never seems to end. It is better website designers get some web marketing training and SEO professionals getting website designing skills.
Now, website owners and bloggers - go for simple designs. It is best way to ensure visitors like to stay at your page.

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