Use Negative Article Titles like These Ones and Permanently Turn Your Readers Away

Article authors use different strategies to get maximum readership for their articles. With quest to stand out from the crowd, they employ various strategies to attract readers to their articles. The result sometimes will be fantastic and at times will be horrible.

One such out of the line thinking is use of negative words in the title of the article. The title of this article conveys a negative idea, but no negative words are used (if you don't consider 'negative' a negative word).

These are a few article titles that I came across and planned not to check content.

'Don't Read this Article'
'This is the Worst Article Written Ever'
'A Poorly Written Article'
'I Can't Write a Good Title'

These are real examples of article titles. Do you find a reason to click through to the articles? The writer could do a better job by simple rewording or elaborating a bit.

Does Your Article Titles Say 'Don't Read this Article'? Try This!
'You Think You Can't Write a Good Article Title? Apply This Simple Formula'

You can effectively use negative words for your article title and still get readers click through to your articles. The negative words should address a problem the reader actually or potentially has. Immediately catch the attention of your reader by mentioning you have a workable solution for the situation.

When using titles like 'don't read this article', you are only giving a command to the reader not to turn your way. It also says you are in a desperate position.

When you offer to teach them something else to try, they will turn your way. You should never give implied meaning that you are powerless.

Now think about the following article title.

'The Dirtiest Poker Trick'
'The Dark Secrets of Copywriting'

What do the titles convey? Though the words are dirt and dark, the titles assume you are in position of power and master of the dirty tricks or dark secrets. People will want to immediately find out what you have to offer.

Just think about what kind of message you want to convey and analyze if your article title conveys the message you mean.

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