Are $ 1 Articles Really That Cheap?

It is an interesting trend to see people at online freelance job exchanges trying to get writers to write articles for $1. On the first sight it seems a good idea to hire people who can come up with an article of 500 plus words for such a meager sum. Have a reality check once again. Is it really profitable for you?

Leave the willingness of people to take up a job of writing a 500-700 word article for little to nothing. What do you get in return? You will get in return a few articles that are lifted from an article directory or your competitor site. Sure there will be some rewording here and there. Can you say it original work?

Think about the damages of getting caught with charges of copyright violations. Not only will you have to pay hefty sums as copyright damages, your credibility also will reach a nadir.

You know the real worth of quality content. Why on earth do you cheat out on yourself?

The articles in most cases will violate existing rules of English grammar. Think about what kind of message you give your target audience with poor written articles about your company, products and services. Do you think you are making a better impression with poorly written articles? Of course, you will have articles published at hundreds or thousands of locations. Think if it is the only thing you ever want.

The working of search engines has created the need to get as much incoming links as possible. Soon article submission became the shortcut to achieve that target of uncountable inbound links. Website owners first used their in house resources to create the articles, and then they outsourced the work to freelancers. Now the trend is to find someone to fill a page with some pre-selected keywords somehow joined together with groups of words that can hardly be said a sentence.

Article writers really have nothing to worry about this trend. Quality will always be rewarded. There will be genuine business people who want to do business in the long run. They are always willing to pay the writers their share. They know it is not immediate monetary gains, but sustained business is the key to business success.

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