Article Titles for Human Eyes and Search Engine Scanners

Addressing this basic human nature can help you write irresistible article titles that gets clicked 97% of the time.

Human mind always seek answers for their problems outside themselves. Whenever they see something that when even remotely promises to solve a real or potential problem. Your articles will be successful if you write article title that doesn't tell, but promises some solution to their problem.

Problem solving headlines are not the only kind of headline that works. Intriguing headlines also attract the fancy of people. It is incredibly simple to tell even a professional that you know a thing or two that experts miss out.

What does this guy knows that I miss? The headline must create this doubt, confusion and intrigue in the mind of your reader. This is the easiest way to sell your article with your title. In this case click on the title to read your article in full.

Here are a few examples of headlines that create some levels of curiosity with your readers.

Exact Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Dumped You and Picked Your Best Friend

Identify this simple Adwords mistake to cut your costs by 50% and increase sales by 147%.

How to Correctly Hide Your Bank Account and Family Details from Hackers

Use this Magical Formula and See Your CTR Instantly Multiply by 347%

There are always certain power words that immediately pull readers to your title and help you sell your article 97% of the time.

Free is the most powerful power word. Free tips, free e-book, or anything free still appeals to human nature, even though everyone knows nothing on earth is really free. Unique, State of the Art, Proven, Magical, Dramatic, Insider Information, etc also are power words.

However, don't get carried away by power words too much. Any word can become a power word when used in the right context at the right point. The biggest example is 'these'.

'Do You Make These Simple Grammar Mistakes in English'?

That is a world renowned title that every copywriter comes across while perfecting the art of word use. The word THESE makes the title irresistible. --- would have never imagined the kind of success that simple question brought to him and his product.

Thus the art of article writing title is incredibly simple. As simple as making your reader believe that you have simple solution for their real or imaginary problem he has.

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