It Pays to Respect Copyright

Article authors and online marketers submit articles to article directories for very obvious reasons. One among them is the exposure they get. This exposure they expect not only from the article directories. By submitting to an article directory, the article author is giving an option to publishers to freely publish the article. The only condition article authors ask is to keep the resource box in tact.

A few of web publishers like to get the article but are reluctant to leave the live link in the article. They just remove the author resource box and publish the article in their own website. At times they may also change the title of the article.

The publishers of such an article have to address several issues. They know they are violating copyright rules and the publisher policy set by the article directory. Anyway they feel they should take a risk.

The disadvantages of not respecting copyright:
  • The publisher has to somehow hide the fact that he/she has taken the article from an article directory.

  • The publisher has to deform the article not to get caught in copyscape tests.

  • The publisher risks his/her internet hosting provider suspending the service and risking the website going offline.

  • The publisher has to tell a lot of lies.

  • Article authors resent such article publishers.
The simplest method for article publishers get quality content in their website - get HTML copy of the article from the article directory and use it as such without ANY modification. You are NOT free to edit grammar errors or typos. The author however gives such right to article directory editors.

If the publisher doesn't like to leave the link live in author resource box - don't publish the article.

Many people claim to be ignorant of copyright rules. Remember ignorance is not an excuse.

Authors - do leave a sentence of copyright protection at the bottom of your resource box so that you can help ignorant people not accidentally violating copyright rules.

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