Let Paper Bits Help You Create Article Titles that Sell

Learn this simple technique to write an article title that has the right keywords and pulls potential readers to your article.

Headline is the lifeblood of any article. What will you do when you see an article title or just any title that appeals to you so much and the promise you see in the title is so compelling? Click on the title to find what the writer has to say, right? Just how were you pulled into reading this article?
I will answer; you find something strange in my article title. You see a group of words that hardly make sense, unless you arrange it in the correct order.

Try This When Everything Else Fails with article title. That is the correct order of the title. OK here we go what to do when you are pressing hard to find a good article title.

When you find it very hard to come up with an effective title for your article, play a little game of jumbling. That is, print out the keywords that you want to bring in to the title. Cut each word out and rearrange them in different orders until something nice strikes you.

Rearrange the same words for different combinations, but write the title in a sensible manner. That is your reader understands what it is about the article. The guess game of jumbling words works, but only with readers who are also writers. I guess you are an article writer looking for ways to improve your writing style and looking for ways to come up with titles that sell.

The point is you have to actually cut the keywords onto a piece of paper, rearrange them in all possible combinations and use the appropriate connecting words so that the title makes sense.

This is a thing to practice only when you find your creative juices not flowing as easily as it should and you are against a deadline. The point here is the title tells exactly what one can expect from the article body to both search engines and the readers.

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