Stop Blaming; Empower Your Mind

It is quite easy to the blames on others. Take a resolution today that you don’t blame others.

Blaming others as a way to escape from one’s own responsibility is common practice today. Perpetual blamers always have an option to put the responsibility of some bad happening squarely on others.

In most cases, with a little probing, they will find the blaming boomerang on them.

I have read in my childhood a story of a flour seller and a baker. The baker began to doubt that the merchant is cheating him on with quantity. Surely enough he weighed the flour he get. He found he gets only 900 grams of flour when he pays for a KG of flour.

He took the issue to court. The flour seller was called before the village headman. He was caught guilty of cheating with measurement.

He explains: “I use the bread I buy from this baker to weigh flour. I buy two breads of 500 g from him on a daily basis. I use the breads to weigh flour, believing it is the real measurement”.

Who is to be fined here? Tell me, who is to be fined here? The flour seller or the baker!

It is quite easy to find faults with others. Such people also come off as too timid to face any challenges that come their way.

The point here is to take a look at any given situation in an objective manner. Look at all the aspects involved. If you take a moment to think in different perspectives, you will be able to quickly identify what has actually happened.

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