Simple Two-Step Inverted Pyramid Model for Article Writing

Taking a leaf off Journalists' book can help you write articles that accurately convey your ideas.
My teachers at Institute of Journalism told me the formula is an 'inverted pyramid'. I like to call it tell and expand or touch and explain. Journalists use inverted pyramid style to convey the news in shortest possible time.

When writing a news lead, the reporter or editor has to tell the story in as little words as possible. The headline (title) and the first line of the news story (called intro or lead) quickly tell the reader what has happened and where.

The news story then goes on to explain the details. The reader gets details of the news while he or she continues reading the story.

Inverted pyramid style is called so because the reader first see the most important part of the story, followed by parts of lesser importance. The importance, as you guess is based on the judgement of the journalist.

Take that style of writing to article writing and you have a simple, but most effective article writing formula.

An article writer can use many 'inverted pyramids' in an article. Use the first sentence of a paragraph to drop an idea or a fact. Use the following sentences to explain the idea. The first sentence of the paragraph gives some idea. The reader gets a clearer idea of what the writer is saying while he or she reads the second sentence and the third sentence.

You can find the same style of writing in almost any article you read. At first you see a (new or old) topic. You get an idea what the article is about. You then read the article to find the details. In fact this is the default style of writing.

It doesn't take a journalism school training to learn this simple technique of article writing. Anyone who can express himself or herself well can also write high quality articles. Following this touch and explain model of writing never fails them to convey what he or she really means to communicate.

The single most important aspect of article writing is to convey an idea. An article writer first catch the attention of the reader with an eye catchy title and first line (lead). Then he or she explains his or her idea in simple language.

Now you have the simplest method of article writing. Stick to this simple formula till you become comfortable writing informative and amusing articles.

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