Overcome Writer's Block with this Simple Technique

We all experience it at one time or the other - the dreaded 'writer's block'. It is the condition we think words just are not coming out in a way it should. We look at the blank paper (sorry! blank screen it is) for hours and feel we don't have the right words to start it off.

We pray for some magical powers that guide our fingers to create a page full of text that is meaningful to readers, that amuses them and helps our client make profits. My experience says that we all can do it by using a simple technique to overcome writer's block.

The main problem is we really have nothing to say at the point. Or we, the writers don't know we really know what to say on the specific topic at hand. A worse problem is having no topic at all. Let me assume the article writer actually has a topic to write about.

The Technique: Write a 300-400 word silly article that you never show to anyone else.

Sounds strange? Try it for once. Write some things about whatever topic it is and keep it to yourself. It is OK to start with some absurd comment on the real serious topic at your hands. It's also OK to crack some funny comments on the topic - afterall no one is seeing what you write, right?

The assurance and guarantee that you show this work to no one else gives you all the freedom to write anything right or wrong. You have a goal while attempting this, free yourself from the clasp of that dreaded demon called writer's block. That is the only goal and you have to someway kick away the 'imaginary' block.

Writing at least a piece of at least 100 words is beneficial in removing the writer's block that blocks your larynx and tells you "stop writing, you fool".

Writing something silly on the topic acts as a big gulp of a gallon of water that washes 'writer's block' away.

Look at what you have written. Believe me, it has a lot of ideas or starting points from where you can draft a minimum of six or seven articles. Thus a point, the silly article must be on topic. All the words you write must be on the topic you intend to write.

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