Amplify Productivity Factors to Write More Articles while Working Lesser Hours

Which is the best time to write articles? It depends on individual variations, I think.

For me the best time to write articles is early in the morning, from 4.30 to 7.00 in the morning, before I go to my 30 minutes aerobics program.

Waking up early is difficult thing for many people that I clearly know. I don't ask you to wake up early in the morning, but you can identify the most productive hours of the day by yourself.

Check out the time when you are most able to concentrate on the task of article writing. Modify your daily routine in such a way to take maximum advantage of your PRIME HOURS.
What about working under stress?

I have repeatedly found I produce more articles under stress, but the sad part is there will be problems of spelling mistake, grammar error and bad style. This happens when the deadline is near and I got the assignment not 'in' time. However, a bit of stress is really productive for me.

That is I have enough time to complete the writing assignment, but not enough time to relax. A medium level of compulsion requires me to concentrate on the task and to complete it fast, without the requirement of a 'haste and waste' situation.

My idea to get a bit adrenaline flow is to impose my own deadline to the writing assignment. It will be before the actual deadline, but will act towards a motivational level of stress.
What about de-stressing?

So glued to the computer, my way of relaxing is Yahoo! chatting and blogging, this blog and many other blogs I own are actually my way of busting stress. Unlike client websites, my blogs give me unlimited freedom to write or do whatever I like. I also feel amused that I also have an identity in the vast wide www.

Social Life of Article Writers

With continuous tussle with deadlines, social life is a mess for article writers. I want to occassionally get out of this cycle and go out for a walk in the park or a lull at the beach with family members or friends. The few friends I have are real worthy friends and I don't feel bad I don't have a 'lot of' friends.

A Well Balanced Life

A well balanced life is necessary for highest productivity and better enjoyment of life. After all you are writing articles for someone else. Find the ways to minimize the time you tussle with words and maximize the time you take for yourself.

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