Article Writing Basics -the Basic Elements of Article Writing

Quite a few of my friends ask me to teach them to write.’ Hey, how can I teach you to write, you are no primary school child’ or ‘Any one who can talk well and can communicate well with fellow beings can write well’ used to be my response to their requests to teach them the techniques of writing.

My response stems from the fact that I honestly believe there are no special techniques in writing. But, reviewing a few written pieces, I find out I can help them out with some guidelines, tips and techniques. I also put those techniques in my blog, for the benefit of everyone who wants to be an article writer.

In the coming days I will cover topics like

How to write a headline that quickly captures the attention of readers

How to write attention grabbing intros that pull readers to your article

How to develop an article

The importance of adding details to make an article worthy for the readers

The ideal word count of an article

And other topics and issues that I find are outstanding issues with writers who are just starting out. If you have any specific query, leave your comment as a query below as well. I shall answer you as quickly as I can.
Watch out for article writing basics tutorials in the coming days.

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